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Fifteen Minutes with Flipmazzi - 202 - Touchdowns

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Flip takes us through some of the exciting moments of 2018 as we look towards 2019.

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As we slide day after day one step closer to actual Minnesota Vikings football activities, we sit down Flip.

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Adam Thielen catching touchdowns in Green Bay.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s time to get hyped! Flip celebrates the best moments of the 2018 season, even though some “fans” are trying to pretend there weren’t any. From the fourth quarter explosion in Lambeau Field, to Kevin Stefanski’s beautiful debut at US Bank Stadium, the Vikings had plenty of highlights. Deep ball strikes, critical runs and game-breaking turnovers. Touchdowns. Get comfortable with 2018 and excited for 2019. Get all the purple energy you need, here!

Enjoy the show will Flip, and know that your coffee not be cold by the time you finish. SKOL!

And if you haven’t followed Flip already, you can do it here: @Flipmazzi

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