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Good Morning Gjallarhorn - ep 056 - A Big Fan of Morning Football

Ted, Drew, and Dave are back again talking Minnesota Vikings football in their own special and unique way.

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Good morning Horners! Let’s light this candle for today’s show.

Ted, Drew, and Dave are back again talking Minnesota Vikings football in their own special and unique way. The show promises to be full of laughs, some analysis, and of a couple stories. We are your Daily Norseman morning show.

There is a wide range of topics discussed from the soon to be camp battle where young Second Lieutenant Austin Cutting will battle his way to take the long snapping job

from Kevin McDermott. Drew may not care so much, but we know Dave does and we suspect you do too.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
Chad Beebe giving fans good feels going into 2019.
Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Briefly, Kyle Rudolph’s extension provided both money and mentorship to the young Irv Smith Jr. and Ted talked about rubbing oil all over something when thinking about Chad Beebe. Then the gang got into discussions about positions on the team that seem to be thin in depth. Are the positions of the secondary, wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks actually thin?

We talked about solid depth in many of the groups, to include the offensive line for the first time in a long time. We quickly rattled through the roster to see who might make those last half-dozen spots on the final 53. Why, because Drew stated that the top 46 or 47 players are already penciled in place, and all the rookies not drafted in the first few rounds, the UDFAs, and even some of the non-starting veterans will be competing for those final spots on the roster.

Then it was off to one of Drew’s requested segments, the predictions. Questions like will Laquon Treadwell make the squad? Will he beat the over and under of 2.5 touchdowns that Las Vegas is showing him at? What will be the team’s overall win record? Could it be that Ted, in his initial thought of 8-5-3, be actually feasible? The records led in the discussions about the rest of the division. Will the Chicago Bears be transitioning? How about the Green Bay Packers being extremely bad? And are the Detroit Lions the same team as always? It’s very much looking like the Vikings success will depend on quarterback Kirk Cousins and how he plays, but will his yardage total, and those box office stats be key? Selecting an over and under of 4500 yards, what would you prefer? Who’s going to lead the team in sacks? Does Dalvin Cook go over a 1,000 yards on the season? Who has the most receiving yards? Who leads the team in interceptions not named Kirk Cousins? These are just some of the questions we try to answer, and we’re looking forward to yours in the comments below.

There was one last question if the Vikings play as we want them to and go all the way to glory never seen before by us, what would their rally song be? Dave, Drew, and Ted discussed it but couldn’t come up with a firm answer. We need your help on this one.

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As always, enjoy the watch!

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