What Playing Golf Taught Me About Being a Vikings Fan

With training camp opening in a week, and the British Open going on this weekend, I thought I would write up a fanpost on how I view my fandom.

Sometimes when reading comments to articles after a Vikings loss or about an ineffective move by the front office, fans will say that they can’t take another season without a Super Bowl victory, and they want to quit watching the Vikings because this doesn’t look like a Super Bowl year. The put themselves in a position where they never get to enjoy their fandom.

I would say that if you are looking for a Super Bowl win and nothing else will make you happy, you probably should consider doing something else on Sunday afternoons. There can only be one Super Bowl champion each year, which means 31 teams and 31 fanbases will be disappointed.

Because I was lucky enough to grow up right next to a golf course, I played golf from the time I was about 12 years old. I enjoyed the game, but I would get frustrated if I wasn’t beating my best score each time I played—I thought that I should always improve from one round to the next. By the time I was in high school, I would quit after three holes if I wasn’t playing well. I would think, "If I’m not going to beat my best score, why bother playing." Because of this attitude, I actually stopped playing the game for a few years. After college, I was invited to play in a scramble tournament, and I really had a lot of fun. I kind of re-acquainted myself with the game, and learned to enjoy it. A big part of this enjoyment was because I made a conscious decision to enjoy the day, enjoy the good shots, and not get too upset if I wasn’t playing well.

Having this attitude completely changed the game for me. Golf has become a favorite activity and I truly love days when I play golf. I’ve shot an 81 a couple of times, but never better than that. I would love to break 80, but I don’t let that goal wreck my enjoyment of playing the sport.

I decided to take the same attitude with the Vikings. If I can only be happy watching them if they win a Super Bowl, then my fandom is in vain—I am condemning myself to unhappiness. I watch the Vikings because I love being a fan of the team and I like watching football. I will enjoy the wins and winning seasons, and accept the loses and losing seasons. I’ve found that having this attitude makes being a Vikings fan better for me and for my family.

And if the Vikings don’t win the Super Bowl this February, there is always next year.

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