Madden 20 rookie Rankings

so to point out that Madden has finally stretched its overalls out to where you lose a say Cook at RB you wont be able to find an 78-80 overall RB still in Free agency.

they are trying to make it where guys in the 88 and up are the stars of the league

while a great starters are in the mid 70s and up, with regular starting level players anywhere from 69+ and players under that are replacement level starters and backups.

so keep that in mind when looking over the Draft class as only 2 players are above 70 with Irv topping out the class at a 75 the top player of the Class is an 80 and thats Quinnen williams

Irv smith Jr at 75 2nd best TE behind hock (fant is a 74)

Bradbury leads all rookie O-lineman at 73

Mattison is at a 68 tied for 6th (10th RB)

Samia is at a 67 3rd best Guard in the class (lindstrom is a 70 as the best)

Watts comes in at a 66 10 best DT (11th total player)

Johnson, Mitchell,tied for 13th best (31 total WR above) and Smith tied for 9th best MLB are all 64 overall (cashman came in at 6th best with a 68)

Epps is at a 62 is the 7th best safety (lots of ties 16 player above him and a big jumo from his 62 to the next guy at a 65)

Boyd a 61 tied for 14th best (about 25 total CB lots of ties in this group)

Udoh a 60 tied for 10 at tackle (jonah willams at the top with 72, Dillard at a 70) ( 12 total player ahead of him)

and cutting a 38 but madden also doesnt have a LS position so hes registered as a TE deadlast at TE lol

Madden also doesnt differeantte between a off ball LB or a 3-4 Edge rusher LB.

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