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Good Morning Gjallarhorn - ep 057 – One Small Step leads to Giant Vikings Results

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In the spirit of celebrating 50 years ago, GMG with special guest Ed Brodmarkle from the Skoldiers Podcast talk about what happened, and what will happen as the rookies report to camp on Monday.

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Good morning Horners! We thought we put out a special episode today, partly to commemorate 50 years ago, and mainly to discuss that rookies report to camp on Monday. 50 years ago today Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon, also 50 years ago the Vikings entered season in which they won the NFL championship. We are going to start hearing and reading stories about the young crop of rookies, that report to camp Monday and will hopefully yield even better results than the team 50 years ago.

Ed Brodmarkle of the Skoldiers Podcast joined Dave and Ted on this happy adventure. Discussions ensued over what stories do we expect to see in what Ted calls, “propaganda week?”. There will be stories of course over our early draft choices, like how Garrett Bradbury is the second coming of Mick Tinglhoff, Irv Smith Jr and Alexander Mattison should make a difference, along with Dru Samia maybe winning the starting job from Josh Kline similar to how Brian O’Neill did last year, and never giving it back up. We talked about some of the rookie performances we expect, how after a summer of digesting the playbook, they hopefully wouldn’t have lost much knowledge, and how having the pads on should help.

Super Bowl IV - Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs
Was Joe Kapp Involved in a Don Glover conspiracy theory?

We ended the show talking again about that 1969 Minnesota Vikings team, and how Joe Kapp was the villain in Super Bowl III. Ted told us of how his dad, Mr. Don Glover, had a theory that after watching the best football team and season ever played, that Joe, fighting with the Vikings over a salary and contract dispute, may have thrown the game. We all miss Don Glover, and I can just imagine him now railing as he told the story.

We at Climbing The Pocket Network, your Daily Norseman vod and podcast team hope that you have a fantastic weekend, stay safe, and enjoy.

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