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Get Your Vikings Training Camp Bingo Card!

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Limited time only! When they’re gone there won’t be anymore! Collector’s Item!

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings Training Camp begins in earnest today for rookies, with veterans reporting later this week. It’s important to keep track of players and how they’re progressing, and to help you do that, we* here at The Daily Norseman have given you a Bingo card to keep track of things.

*By ‘we’, I mean ‘me’. I don’t want anyone else to get blamed for this particular jackassery.

Are there prizes? No, we’re a bunch of cheapskates.

BUT, now you have all your training camp references on one handy sheet, AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. I will admit, I had actually filled in a space that said ‘Marcus Sherels will get cut’, and then I remembered he left for the Saints. I’m going to miss that annual tradition, if we’re being honest.

So, get ready for training camp, and enjoy your Vikings Training Camp Bingo.