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Harrison Smith ranked #83 on NFL Top 100 of 2019

He’ll be higher on next year’s list

NFL: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

With the start of Training Camp nearly upon us, it’s time for the NFL Network Top 100 list and the discussion that comes with it. Unlike past seasons, where they’ve spread things out over a number of weeks, they’re doing things over ten consecutive days, and the first member of the Minnesota Vikings has appeared on this year’s list.

Harrison Smith, in a significant drop from his spot on last year’s list, has checked in at #83 on the NFL Top 100 of 2019 list. He was #46 on last year’s list.

Smith did have a bit of a down year in 2018, but part of that is because his 2017 season was so damn good. He remains one of the top safeties in the National Football League, and along with Anthony Harris comprises what might be the best safety duo in football.

To this point, no indication has been given as to how many members of the Vikings are on the list this year, but Harrison Smith certainly isn’t the only one. Once more members of the team appear on the list, we’ll bring the updates to you here.

How many more members of the purple do you think make this year’s list, folks?