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Vikings to tryout free agent CB Orlando Scandrick

The cornerback depth is thin again

Xtina 1229, via Twitter

In light of the Holton Hill suspension doubling from four games to eight yesterday, the Minnesota Vikings brought in free agent CB Orlando Scandrick for a tryout.

Hill, who received a four game suspension for not breaking a child’s arm, was then given an additional four games for still not being a child abuser, because if you do that you don’t lose game checks in today’s NFL. Because substance abuse is a whole lot worse than beating the hell out of a toddler and then threatening the kid’s mother, amirite?

Either way, the Vikings now find themselves perilously thin (again) at cornerback, a position group that is one of the strengths of the Mike Zimmer defense. The starters are solid in Xavier Rhodes, Trae Waynes, and nickel Mackensie Alexander, but the Hill suspension and the Mike Hughes injury recovery have taken a serious toll on the depth.

I see this ending a couple different ways. The first, and most obvious one, is that the Vikings sign Scandrick and cut Hill. He’s essentially serving back to back suspensions, so if he is punished under the league’s ridiculously arbitrary and nobody knows what the hell the rules are discipline system, Hill would be subject to a one year suspension the next time he doesn’t break a child’s arm.

Or, he might get a contract extension. Who really knows what goes on in the mind of Roger Goodell at this point?

The second one is that the Vikings sign Scandrick, let Hill serve out his suspension, and then he re-joins the club. I have a feeling that will be about the time Mike Hughes comes off the PUP, and as fans, we’ll look to Hughes and Hill to be the saviors we need to rescue the team from the 3-5 funk they find themselves in, as Rhodes and Waynes will both get hurt in week three and the Vikings, pressed for cap space, can only afford to sign Bobby Bryant’s jersey to play cornerback.

Or Scandrick doesn’t get signed by the Vikings, and everyone will magnify anything Kris Boyd does in training camp as something more than it is, because someone will need to step up and fill in for awhile, and Boyd has the most hype of the remaining cornerbacks. Then we’ll place unrealistic expectations on him, and when he fails to live up to them we’ll demand he get packaged in a trade with Waynes and Rhodes for offensive line help.

Man, I love this time of the year.