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Good Morning Gjallahorn, ep 058

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You have questions. We want a lawyer present before we answer anything. Because we may be dumb, but we’re not stupid

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Good morning Horners! Every once in a while, we open the show to listener questions, and today on GMG we do just that. We open the show talking about Minnesota Vikings running back Khari Blasingame.

“Who?” Exactly. Listen to find out.


We talk greatest playoff win in franchise history before we get to questions, and lol it’s not the Minneapolis Miracle, you Recency Bias chumps. From there, we answer the following Training Camp Eve questions from listeners:

Who will emerge as the offensive team leader and can it be Garrett Bradbury?

Will Dru Samia compete for the starting job and who will be the surprise veteran cut?

What if there is a surprise trade? The guys here dream of Trent Williams who is very disappointed with the Redskins. In his defense, everyone is disappointed with that clown show of a franchise.

Is Kyle Sloter an undiscovered GOAT and is the Sloter-mania real?

Will Chad Beebe or Brandon Zylstra be able to take the WR3 slot? A great discussion ensues including Jordan Taylor, Dillon Mitchell, and previous WR3s Jarius Wright and Aldrick Robinson.

Who’s going to step up and be the 3T defensive tackle? Shamar Stephen seems like the obvious choice, but is he?

Which 3 rookies are we most excited to watch? Drew and Dave give reasoned, insightful answers. Mine is...not.

We end the show with a a funny recruiting story I shared from high school, and how my Dad jerked me back to reality in short order.

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