Comment Counts: 2019 (1st Half)

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Welcome to the Triumphant Return of Comment Counting! This article counts comments and recs received for every user from January through June of 2019 for Open Threads only.

Special thanks to SBN user TJ Gorsegner over at Twinkie Town for showing me how to count comments per batch of articles. I need the URL of every article I use, hence these counts only reflecting Open Threads.

I batch these a month at a time and then combine and aggregate the data. I'll be showing the top 20 commenters (1,500+ comments) and the top 21 rec receivers (600+) at this time. If anyone is curious about their counts, let me know in the comments below and I'll look up your numbers.

Top 20 Commenters (2019 Jan-Jun)

Top 20 Open Thread Commenters (2019 Jan-Jun)

Congrats to fil for being top dog (or cat, as it were) in the first half of 2019. ppb was a very close second. It should be a good race for 2019 complete!

Fivefingers is no longer with us. His comment totals are missed. Whether his comments are missed is open to debate, but I like the guy.

Oof, CCHOF and VFIC round out the top 5 of un-banned DN members. Congrats to all.
GA Skol wins the CmyWilly award.
Kodiak wins the pessimist award.
MT wins the gouger award.
just_rob wins the banhammer-er award.
Lifer wins the "bad at math" reward. (LOL)
Chi is a good dude.
T2D never gives up on me.
Viking22 understands.
NorZe wins the sense of humor reward.
Gas-House does not understand.
JW wins the "my username kinda looks like my comment count" award.
NMVike wins the "does he have his doctorate?" award
stuman is the proud owner and operator of stumania. Also, stu pays.
kfey wins the pudding pop award.

Top Rec-Receivers (2019 Jan-Jun)

Top Rec Receivers (2019 Jan-Jun)

Oh look, fil again

That's a lot of recs. Big separation between 1st place and the rest of the pack. Congrats to everyone who topped 1,000 recs in the first half of the year.

A couple of notes: MT has the worst rec-per-rec'd-comment ratio of un-banned members (with at least 600 recs). FeartheNorthMen has the highest ratio, and it's not close. Surly is the runner up.

stuman55 had the highest rec'd comment:


link to stu's comment

Again, congrats to everyone mentioned in this article, and if anyone is curious about their counts, just ask in the comments. Another special thanks to TJ for showing me how to count comments. I'm glad counting comments is actually still possible despite the switch to the new format, that people are interested, and that I'm no longer having my comments mysteriously disappear (because I stopped asking about it).

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