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Previewing The NFC North With Chase Thomas

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Chase Thomas was kind enough to invite me back on his podcast to provide a big preview for the NFC North. We started out by discussing how this might be the best division from top to bottom and how there’s a case to be made for every team taking the crown.

Yes, even the Detroit Lions! At least, that’s what Chase thinks. I explained how I thought Detroit could be better than a lot of people think this season, but I still think it’s a three-team race between the Vikings, Packers, and Bears.

After going through Detroit’s roster and where they might be strong and weak, we moved onto a team that we both think is a regression candidate: the Chicago Bears. I think Chicago will take a slight step back in 2019 while Chase can see them falling all the way to the bottom of the division.

It might be odd to say with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, but Chase and I both think that Green Bay is probably the biggest unknown on both sides of the ball. You’re always in the running with Rodgers playing at his best, but it’s going to depend on a lot of young players on both sides of the ball improving if the Packers are going to contend for the division.

We saved the best for last as we went through the merits of our very own Minnesota Vikings. We talked about Kirk Cousins, what I have witnessed through the first four days of Training Camp in Eagan, and how the Kevin Stefanski/Gary Kubiak offense might look this season.

You’ll want to stick around until the end of the podcast where we both provide our predictions for how the NFC North will shake out this year. We differed on all four positions, which is probably a testament to how competitive this division should be in 2019.

You can listen to the show on Apple podcasts here and you can listen via direct link here.