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Badet, other “40 Yards of Gold” participants have not been paid yet

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Show them the money, seriously

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend in Miami, the “40 Yards of Gold” competition took place in an effort to (unofficially) determine the fastest man in the National Football League. The races were run, but apparently nobody. . .including the winner. . .has been paid their promised prize money for their efforts.

Our friends at Niners Nation are reporting that Marquise Goodwin, who won the competition, has not received his promised $1 million payout yet. Nor have any of the other participants, including Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jeff Badet (and, presumably, cornerback Trae Waynes) been paid their promised amounts.

According to Pro Football Talk, Badet’s agent has stated that Badet was promised $25,000 simply for participating in the event.

“The contract was explicitly clear,” Sarubbi said. “Jeff was an independent contractor who was promised $25,000 upon arrival, before the event on June 29. That has not been paid as of 5 p.m. today. It does not look likely it will be, based on the correspondence we have had.”

Worse still, the report states that players were given checks on the night of the event. . .but then were told not to cash those checks and that they would be receiving electronic transfers for the correct amount of money. To this point, those have not materialized, either.

Perhaps the 40 Yards of Gold folks can rectify this situation before it hits Fyre Festival levels of fraudulence. However, as things stand right now, this certainly isn’t a good look for Chad Ochocinco and company.