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Climbing The Pocket Joins Daily Norseman

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Episode 153 [Christopher Gates Take 2] & Episode 154 [Eric Thompson. Finally!]

BREAKING NEWS!!! The Daily Norseman and the Climbing The Pocket Network are joining forces to create a one-stop shop for Vikings podcasts delivered to your eardrums daily.

Daniel Gilbert/

The shows with which we’ll be launching will be Climbing The Pocket, Fifteen Minutes with Flipmazzi, Good Morning Gjallarhorn, Pocket Protectors, and SKOLdiers. This collection of shows promises to deliver the top independent voices covering the Vikings from every angle.

From optimism and “unwavering support” of Flipmazzi to the analytic minds of Dr. Eric Eager of PFF and Nick Olson of Viking Territory & Zone Coverage to trait and scheme analysis of Jordan Reid of The Draft Network and Myles Gorham of, our daily Vikings podcast network is sure to have a little something for everyone and that’s before mentioning #VikingsTwitter favorite capologist Ed Brodmarkle and “CTP Grandpa Division” featuring Ted Glover and David Stefano.

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