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E29: Pocket Protectors [2019 Vikings Season Preview - Atlanta to Chicago]

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Previewing the first quarter of the season

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

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In this episode:

Eric Eager and Nick Olson join Jayson Brown to preview the first quarter of the 2019 Vikings Season.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Talented team
  • Coming off injury-ridden season
  • OL revamp
  • New OC
  • Better offense for Atlanta
  • Minnesota favored

Green Bay Packers

  • Green Bay is a more talented team than Minnesota?
  • QB
  • RB
  • WR
  • OL
  • Secondary
  • Is Aaron Rodgers washed?
  • Green Bay slight favorite

Oakland Raiders

  • Is Derek Carr any good?
  • Gruden is not married to Carr
  • Offensive line is worse in Oakland
  • Derek Carr in a perfect situation was “average at best”
  • Khalil Mack trade was “solid for Oakland”

Chicago Bears

  • Team is due for regression
  • Have the Bears rested on their laurels?
  • The Bears were a more efficient passing attack than the Vikings last season

“The Bears are gonna suck.” Nick Olson

Record Predictions

Eric - 2-2

Nick - 2-2