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Everson Griffen gives Kirk Cousins an ultimatum

Not about anything on the field, mind you

First full day of practice at Minnesota Vikings training camp Photo by Elizabeth Flores/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Thanks to the folks from the Minnesota Vikings group on Reddit for putting this video up.

After dealing with the issues he had last season, it would certainly appear as though Everson Griffen is having a pretty good time at Training Camp this season. At least, he is if this story from the NFL Network’s Good Morning, Football is any indication.

After another story about Kirk Cousins dealing with Garrett Bradbury’s sweating issues, GMFB’s Kyle Brandt brought us this tidbit about Griffen’s feelings on Cousins’ (in)famous van.

“You know, Kyle Rudolph, the tight end, had come on our show earlier this week, and we were talking about how Kirk Cousins drives a minivan. And he says, ‘That’s not even the worst part. He has a decal on the side of the minivan that appears to be a paid endorsement, so he does that.’ I asked Kirk about that, and he says, ‘Can I tell you? Everson Griffen has now told me that if I drive that car into the parking lot one more time he’s gonna take the wheels off of it and put it on blocks.’”

Cousins has, apparently, solved this problem by parking his van around the back of the Vikings’ facilities so that Griffen can’t see it. Color me skeptical, because I have a feeling that Griffen would still know that Cousins was still driving the 2000 GMC Savana that he purchased from his grandmother for $5,000.

I also don’t think that Griffen would actually do that sort of thing, but it would be funny as hell to see.

Griffen has been the emotional heart and soul of the Vikings’ defense for the past few years, and his absence last season took a noticeable toll on the unit as a whole. It’s nice to see stories like this come out about him to give us an indication that he’s put his issues behind him and will, hopefully, be tearing it up this year for the Vikings once again.