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Previewing the 2019 Vikings with the Aussie Guys

Oi, oi, oi!

Ignore the logos, this one is all about the Vikings

While the National Football League remains the most popular sport in America by a pretty significant margin, the league obviously has international appeal as well, and yours truly got the opportunity to spread the gospel of the Minnesota Vikings beyond our shores.

Last week, I got to sit down with A.J. and Ben from the NFL Fantasy ‘n Insight with the Aussie Guys podcast. We talked a little bit about the 2018 season. . .only because we had to. . .before launching into a preview of the 2019 edition of the team and the expectations for them this year.

The podcast is a good, solid hour of discussion, and you can hear all of it on the embedded player below.

We had a pretty good time with this preview, and I hope that all of you enjoy it as well. If you like the podcast, head on over to their site and subscribe, or look them up on iTunes or any of the other major podcast aggregators.