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Those Aren’t Seeds: A new design from our friends at Breaking T

Another outstanding design!

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We’ve all had times where we’ve tried to camoflauge things in order to make them seem like something they’re not. Unfortunately, there are some scenarios where you just can’t get away with that. A nationally televised sporting event is one of them.

So, what was in the bag? Why. . .it was Skol brand “sunflower seeds,” of course! And our friends at Breaking T want to help get this young, upstart brand off the ground.

As with all of our designs from Breaking T, this shirt is made from the highest quality materials that won’t shrink or fade after repeated wearings and washings. The shirt is available in an array of sizes, and is the perfect gift for any Minnesota Vikings fan on your shopping list, or even for yourself!

So, head on over to our storefront over at Breaking T and check out this brand new design, or any of our other outstanding offerings, including our Duck, Duck, Grey Duck shirt!