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Vikings reach injury settlement with Kevin McDermott

Their former long snapper needed elbow surgery

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The odds that Kevin McDermott was going to be the long snapper for the Minnesota Vikings in 2019 dropped significantly when the team spent a seventh-round draft pick on Austin Cutting this past April. Cutting won the competition relatively early in Training Camp, and now it turns out there might have been another reason that the decision was made as early as it was.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, McDermott had surgery on his right elbow on Friday, and the team reached an injury settlement with him, including footing the bill for that surgery.

As a part of the settlement, the team agreed to pay McDermott the entirety of his preseason salary and the first three weeks of his regular season salary, which is approximately $150,000. They will also be paying for his rehab from surgery.

McDermott was the long snapper for the Vikings for most of the past four seasons. There hasn’t been any information provided as to when he may have suffered any sort of injury to the elbow, but he did handle some of the snapping duties during the team’s preseason opener in New Orleans.

As we said, there probably wasn’t a whole lot of drama about the Vikings’ long snapping situation, but now we know why the Vikings ended the competition earlier than they might have wanted to.