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VIkings release K/P Kaare Vedvik

LOL because of course they do

Minnesota Vikings lose to the Buffalo Bills in the seconds of the game
Levitation is an under rated psychic power.
Photo by Anthony Souffle/Star Tribune via Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings have had kicking issues for about...carry the two...add five...about 77 years now, so three weeks ago they traded a fifth round pick to solve their kicking issues once and for all.

They are cutting The Solution. I’m beginning to think this is a level of math that Einstein couldn’t figure out.

Yes, yes, if you’re keeping score at home, the Minnesota Vikings no longer have a fifth round pick, nor do they have the kicker they used said fifth round pick on:

I thought Rick Spielman’s pride wouldn’t allow him to cut Vedvik, and he’d keep him as a punter over Matt Wile, and then make Vedvik the kicker next season, once Dan Bailey’s contract was up.

He isn’t.

So of course, this means Vedvik will get signed by either Chicago or Green Bay and will never miss a field goal again ever because lol what in the sweet hell is the deal with the Vikings and kickers at this point?

The Kaare is dead, long like the Kaare.