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Vikings tweak helmet color to better match jerseys

For those that are worried about that sort of thing

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp
This will be one of the last times you see this version of the Vikings’ helmets
Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Minnesota Vikings last changed their uniforms and went to a helmet with more of a matte finish, one thing that a lot of people have noticed is that the team’s home jersey and their helmets weren’t quite the same shade of purple. Starting tonight, when the Vikings’ purple jerseys will make a rare road appearance, that’s going to change.

When the Vikings take the field tonight, they’ll be wearing the helmets that are on the left side of the picture above. The helmet from previous years is on the right.

You can see that, while the helmets retain the matte finish. . .which is pretty awesome. . .the shade of purple being used is slightly brighter than what we’ve seen over the past few seasons. It certainly appears to be a better match for the jerseys than the previous version.

Personally, the different in the shades of purple between the helmet and the jersey was something that I didn’t think too much of, but I know that some folks here expressed some annoyance with it. Apparently it wasn’t just the TV lighting or whatever, but two actually different colors. Starting on Friday night, however, this issue will officially be resolved.