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Vikings 2020 Draft Pick Update: Rick Spielman closer to owning entire seventh round

The Vikings have a lot of picks

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

While we’re busy concentrating on the start of the 2019 NFL season, it’s never too early to look ahead to the 2020 NFL Draft. . .well, it probably is, but seriously, just work with me here.

With some of the player releases and other activities that have taken place during the preseason, the Minnesota Vikings are slated to have a boatload of picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. Thus far, if we take the Compensatory Pick formula from Over the Cap into account, the Vikings are currently looking at going the full Spinal Tap on this draft, as their number of picks goes up to 11.

How do these picks break down? Here’s the full list.

  • Vikings’ first-round pick
  • Vikings’ second-round pick
  • Vikings’ third-round pick
  • Compensatory third-round pick (loss of Sheldon Richardson)
  • Vikings’ fourth-round pick
  • Vikings’ fifth-round pick (traded to Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Kaare Vedvik)
  • Vikings’ sixth-round pick
  • Dolphins’ seventh-round pick (acquired from Miami Dolphins in exchange for Danny Isidora)
  • Vikings’ seventh-round pick
  • Compensatory seventh-round pick (loss of Trevor Siemian)
  • Compensatory seventh-round pick (loss of Tom Compton)
  • Compensatory seventh-round pick (loss of Andrew Sendejo)

Yes, that is five. . .count ‘em, five. . .seventh round selections. You know Rick Spielman has got to be excited about that.

The Vikings, initially, weren’t getting a pick for Sendejo’s loss just after free agency ended, but with teams releasing certain free agents and teams getting canceled out of OTC’s Compensatory Pick derby as a result, Sendejo’s contract has risen to a spot where the Vikings will get an extra selection out of it. OTC has been pretty accurate on this front over the past few years, so I think we can use them as a reliable source for this.

Seriously, though, we make a lot of jokes with Rick Spielman’s obsession with late-round picks, but it’s possible that there’s something to it. After all, in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Vikings took seven players between the sixth and seventh rounds. Six of them (Marcus Epps, Armon Watts, Oli Udoh, Bisi Johnson, Kris Boyd, and Austin Cutting) made the 53-man roster, and the one that didn’t make it (Dillon Mitchell) is on the practice squad. These picks could also be used to move around the draft board a bit, as we’ve seen in past years.

I know that burning a fifth-round pick on a guy that wound up getting cut three weeks later still stings a bit, but with a bunch of extra picks potentially coming Minnesota’s way, it stings a little less.