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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: September 16, 2019

I was happy to see the defense bounce back after a rough start, I was unhappy to see the play of our quarterback.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, everyone

Wow, there are many ways to describe my feelings regarding yesterday’s game. After the first three series, part of me was trying to accept that it was going to be a blowout of massive proportions. Kiddo and I decided to go fishing in hopes it would make the team turn it around, worked! It was 21-0 when we checked out to go fishing, and when we turned the game back on, it was 21-13. Then the replay guys in New York decided to create a penalty out of nothing, and it was 21-7. Sorry, we should have kept fishing another 10 minutes. That TD would have been enough to get the W, and that call is exactly why I did not like that new interference review rule. Creating that flag while auto-reviewing a scoring play was ridiculous.

The defense. As I said, the defense got off to a horrendous start. Guys weren’t on the same page, coverages were blown, we weren’t stopping the run, and we weren’t getting pressure. For the first three series, the Packers marched down the field like the defense wasn’t even there. Then we went fishing. The defense threw shutout ball for the remainder of the game, and they looked like the elite defense that they are. They did more than enough to give the offense a chance to win the game. Speaking of the offense.........

The offense. It wasn’t all bad, Dalvin Cook looked good. The receivers looked good.........on the rare occasion that a pass was anywhere near them. The offensive line again looked much improved over what we saw last year. They weren’t perfect, but they weren’t a blazing dumpster full of tires. Ponder Cousins looked awful. He was wildly inaccurate with a majority of his throws, as is evidenced by his sub-50% completion percentage (at one point, it was below 33%, so he must have improved later in the game and I didn’t notice. If it weren’t for by Packers defenders dropping easy catches, Ponder Cousins would have finished with many more interceptions than the two for which he was given credit. I don’t know if Ponder Cousins is injured, but he played so badly yesterday, I was yelling at them to put Webb in.

I hate the Packers. Hate them, and the Vikings should have won that game yesterday. The only major flaw on the team (with the exception of the first three drives where the team was a flaw) was the play of the quarterback. He has to do better, that level of play is unacceptable for any NFL quarterback, it’s certainly unacceptable for a quarterback making $28 million/year, all guaranteed.

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We come to today’s media selection:

Here’s Loudon Waynright telling us how our passing game looked yesterday. Enjoy!

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