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Vikings victory on Sunday brings significant franchise milestone

A nice, round number, in fact

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With their victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings reached a very significant milestone in the history of the franchise.

The 34-14 victory in Week 3 was the 500th victory in the history of the Minnesota Vikings, counting the playoffs and the regular season. Since coming into the league in 1961, with 938 total games played, the Vikings now have an all-time franchise record of 500-427-11.

Of those 500 victories, 480 of them have come in the regular season against 398 losses (and all 11 ties, obviously), while the post-season record for the Vikings currently sits at 20-29.

As we hear so frequently, the Vikings are the winningest franchise in the history of the NFL without a Super Bowl championship. You can probably make a pretty solid argument that they’re the most successful franchise in any major American professional sport that has never brought home the big hardware. Honestly, I’m not sure if there is an NBA, NHL, or MLB team you could make a convincing argument for in that regard.

But, regardless of that, this is a pretty significant milestone in the history of the club, and it was pretty cool to be able to see it. So, congratulations to the Minnesota Vikings organization and everyone that’s been a part of it over the years that’s gotten the team to this milestone.