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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 171 [Firm Edges]

Jordan Reid, Myles Gorham, and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to recap the Raiders game and to preview the Bears matchup.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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In this episode:

Jordan Reid, Myles Gorham, and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to recap the Raiders game and to preview the Bears matchup. Brad Spielberger from and The Blitz Network came on to provide the Bears’ perspective.

JR’s Raider Review

  • Had the vibe of a preseason game
  • Seeing the identity of the Vikings
  • Running the ball and playing tough defense

Vikings running game and Dalvin Cook

  • Great job stretching defenses horizontally
  • Make them guard every blade of grass on the field

Get in the way and Dalvin Cook is going to make you right

How will opposing defenses try to slow down the run game?

  • Firm edges against the outside zone
  • Create penetration

Thoughts on Kirk Cousins season to date

  • Kirk has played well outside of the clutch moments
  • Inconsistent in big moments throughout his career
  • Vikings O is a bike on training wheels

Stefon Diggs’ usage

  • Are other players being schemed touches?
  • Raiders rolled coverage to Stefon Diggs

JR’s Keys to Winning vs the Bears on Offense

  • Stay true to who you are
  • Grind it out
  • A lot of opportunities; gotta cash em in
  • Look for Irv Smith

Bears vs Vikings Overview

  • Overview of the matchup
  • Still don’t know who the Vikings are overall
  • Will Akiem Hicks play?
  • Lower scoring game; force the opposing QB to beat you

Keys to Victory for the Vikings

  • Need to get the WRs involved
  • Spy Mitch Trubisky
  • Shadow Allen Robinson

Getting Kirk Cousins involved in the game early

  • Passing on early downs
  • Quick timing throws
  • Limit Stefon Diggs frustrations ;-)
  • Boost Kirk’s confidence

Who has the advantage at QB?

  • Kirk vs the Bears D and Trubisky vs the Vikings D
  • Vikings interior vs Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman, and Co.

Prince stirring the pot?

Which Kirk Cousins should we expect to see this week?

  • Lemon Booty Kirk
  • Average Kirk

Score Prediction

  • 20-17 Vikings
  • 17-13 Vikings

Talking Bears with Brad Spielberger

Tell us a bit about yourself and where we can find your work

What’s the mood around the fanbase? How do people feel about Mitch Trubisky?

  • Expectations were for the defense to regress and the offense to improve
  • Hoping for more growth from Trubisky
  • Fans are starting to turn
  • Same mistakes over and over again

What are the major storylines around the Bears team?

  • Chuck Pagano > Vic Fangio?
  • Growth from the younger players like Leonard Floyd

Who should we be worried outside of Khalil Mack?

  • (maybe) Akiem Hicks
  • Eddie Goldman
  • Bilal Nichols
  • Roy Robertson-Harris
  • Eddie Jackson
  • Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Which matchups make you most nervous heading into this game?

  • Vikings defensive line vs Bears offensive line

Where do you expect Chicago to have the biggest advantage offensively?

  • Bears RBs vs Vikings LBs

What’s going on with Tarik Cohen’s usage?

  • Cohen is WR3?

David Montgomery and the Bears run game

  • The breakthrough is coming