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Vikings vs Bears - GMG ep 064 - The Preview Show

The Good Morning Gjallarhorn guys assemble to talk the Vikings vs Bears. Crack filled analysis and humor reign to start your game day Sunday.

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Vikings versus Bears… Good morning Horners! Ted, Drew and Dave have assembled to discuss today’s game in Soldier Field against the Bears. In what can sometimes be like a house of horrors with weird stuff that always seems to happen, maybe even an alien burial ground as Ted hypothesized with Giorgio Tsoukalos a few years back. Two of the better defenses in the league will do battle to see who can shut down the opposing offense better. Which one can cause the other’s quarterback to make the most mistakes. Will it be Kirk Cousins or Mitch Trubisky that does just enough to help lead their squad to victory, or will they be the ones directly contributing to this all important NFC North Division loss? With the Packers losing Thursday and the Lions playing the Chiefs, the North looks to be wide open for the taking, and the winner of this game will definitely have an early season advantage on it. Will it be the beloved Minnesota Vikings or the Chicago Bears?

*** First, I would like to apologize for the audio issues of the last show. They have been ironed out and should not happen again. Of course Ted still sounds perfect as always, but Drew and Dave sound a lot better now too.

The Bears defense is ranked 3rd in points per game going into the contest after thoroughly destroying Case Keenum and the Redskins last week. The Vikings defense ranks 6th in the same category, so it looks to be a low scoring, slug it out game on a wet and slopping field. It is raining now and is not forecast to stop until just after kickoff. It will probably come down to which QB makes the fewest, or less costly mistakes. Hopefully the conditions will favor Dalvin Cook and the Vikings run game more. Then with the passing game, Cousins can exploit the Bears secondary with quick slants and routes splitting the zones. Look for Irv Smith Jr, Kyle Rudolph, Cook, and Alexander Mattison on just those types of plays. The screen game and quick passes with the opportune shot to Adam Thielen and a wide open Stefon Diggs would be great too.

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10) avoid Vikings defensive players Minnesota Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter (99), and defensive end Stephen Weatherly (91) in the second quarter at Soldier Field Sunday November 18, 2018 in Chicago IL
Can the Vikings stop Mitch Trubisky from running?

Who will spy Trubisky and his ability to run. Anthony Barr or Eric Kendricks? It is Mitch’s only redeeming quality and it has driven the Vikings nuts. This week it must stop!

We get into some Vikings vs Bears Trivia and Ted nails just about all of it, from stories of famous Mike Ditka rants as the Bears were defeated by the Vikings, to even a Don Glover story and how he feels about Jay Cutler. Absolute fun stuff going into what should make for an outstanding Sunday.

Enjoy good food, beverage, friends and GO VIKINGS! SKOL!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

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