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Vikings vs Bears - GMG in The Raw!

The guys from Good Morning Gjallarhorn get together right after the game and record their reactions. Emotions where flowing better than the Vikings offense.

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Vikings versus Bears… Good morning Horners! Well, maybe not so good. In a game where Mitch Trubisky was injured and backup quarterback Chase Daniels looked better than Kirk Cousins, the Vikings came in flat. When the team plays cold, it leads to one person… Mike Zimmer. Oh, there is blame all around in this one from the offseason moves that did or didn’t happen, the coaching on both sides of the ball, and QB that looks like he should be a backup yet is getting a guaranteed $84 million, and a decent defense that for a third game in a row let the Bears score on their opening drive. This was an absolutely frustrating game to watch as a Vikings fan and Ted, Drew and Dave felt it.

The offensive line in combination with the statuesque play by Cousins gave up 6 sacks on the day and 2 fumbles lost. The running game looked ineffective, but that was anticipated against such a good defense, but there was hope Akiem Hicks, Roquan Smith and Bilal Nichols were out. That hope quickly diminished as the Vikings only generated 40 yards on the ground all day. In the air it wasn’t much better until late in the game when the team went to a hurry up and did not let Kirk think so much. He did end up going 27/36 for 233 yards, but most was at the end. Bad throws, poor choices and not seeing open receivers marked most of the day. It was painful to watch.

Please tell us your reactions to the game. Does this game change your prediction on the year, and if so, what will the consequences be?

We hope this show is a little therapeutic and as always, GO VIKINGS!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

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