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Vikings vs Falcons – GMG ep 61 — It Starts!

Good Morning Gjallarhorn breaks down what to expect for week 1, Vikings vs Falcons.

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Good morning Horners! Game day is here for the Vikings vs Falcons and the guys at Good Morning Gjallarhorn has you covered in only the way GMG can. Which of course is through humor, opinions and analysis… And as Ted would say, not always good, but always fun.

We start the your dive into the game with reports of Stefon Diggs having missed a practice and list with a hamstring injury. Hopefully it is nothing and he’s over it [there is word that he will play]. We would hate to see something like drag on. If either Diggsy or Adam Thielen are out for any extended periods of time, the opposing defenses will blanket the healthy WR and probably to the detriment of the offense. That lead to the question of who will be the WR3? Will Olabisi Johnson get the job, Chad Beebe, or newcomer Josh Doctson? If Bisi grabs it, can he hold on? We’ll find out plenty during the game.

Speaking of injuries, Dalvin Cook looks to be 100% healthy. Hopefully he stays that way especially with the emphasis by Mike Zimmer that he wants to run the ball more. If the offensive lines can open up some running room for him, it will be a good day and should help take the pressure off of Kirk Cousins. The Falcons are hoping for the same for Devante Freeman. If the vaunted Zimmer defense has problems against the run, it will be advantageous for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones to open things up when they are not worried about a run defense. That leads into the pass rush having to make up the difference. Hopefully [and it is game 1, so hope is high], the combination and rotation employed by Andre Patterson does the trick. This will be our first real opportunity to compare this year’s Shamar Stephen to last season’s Sheldon Richardson.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
Danielle Hunter should have a really good day.
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The best quote of the show was a comment by Drew after Ted thought that we should win. He said, “the old pessimistic bastard is coming around for once.” Ted replied, “Hit me up Sunday night.” Come on Ted. let the hope be with you!

We did some game predictions including Ted with Jeanna Thomas over at the Falcoholic. Guesses with good outcomes from Alexander Mattison, Kyle Rudolph and Danielle Hunter. So what are your predictions? We want to hear in the comments. Then enjoy Dave as he summoned his inner John Madden. It was fun. Go Vikings! Let’s win the the game! SKOL!

*** Dave is working to learn a new piece of software to make the show better for you the fan. We hope you give the crew some comments on the new format and what you like from it. Thanks.

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

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