Minnesota Vikings Snap Count Analysis: Week 5 2020

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That was a bad loss. I'd like to blame the 4th down call by Zim, but to be honest, I liked it before the play. Mattison missed the gap on the outside and I know if Cook was in there we would've had it. I second guessed it after the results. Victory formation time and we're 2-3 and have some momentum. Seattle Seahawks are a good team and we left the door open for them. We play Atlanta this week. They just fired their coach and GM. Raheem Morris is the interim coach (former Tampa Bay coach). He'll have the guys fired up to try to get their first win.


Kirk Cousins - 87 snaps (100%) 27/39 249 yards 2 TDs, 1 INT, 1 Fumble lost - QBR 60.1 Passer Rating 92.8. Kirk was outplayed by the QB on the other side. Almost everyone will be outplayed by the Russell Wilson. This is the Kirk we've seen this year. The running game got 200+ yards and he needs every bit of that to remain competitive. He did much better spreading the ball around early last night. He got Irv Smith Jr. involved early. He had targets to Bisi Johnson and Chad Beebe. He looked good in the first half while Dalvin was dominating. However, the 3rd quarter brought a familiar scene. We went 3 and out after Cook went down on our first play. The fumble that would've been a scoop and score if called correctly on the field is not 100% on him. The interception on 1st down on the next drive was the killer. We were down by one and needed a drive. He threw a ridiculous interception while targeting Justin Jefferson. He seems to need to make multiple mistakes before he bounces back. He needs to learn to forget the mistake and move on. This year and several times in the past he seems to need to bury the team in a deep hole before coming back. Touchdowns on the next two drives after that interception was a good comeback, but he let them in and that is all Russell Wilson needed. PFF Grade 77.9 4th best on offense.

RBs - 196 yards from 39 carries and 1 TD. The running game was the best part of the team last night.

Alexander Mattison - 43 snaps (49%) 20 carries for 112 yards 3 catches for 24 yards. Alexander Mattison was good last night. However, he isn't Dalvin Cook. He isn't as athletic, he doesn't have his vision and he also doesn't have his injury history. The 4th and 1 play is something that will be discussed a lot. There was a hole to the right of the OL. I've seen some say he was correct in following C.J. Ham and Ham should've done better on that play. I'm no expert, but I've seen Cook and Adrian Peterson bounce that play outside so much. The yards were there and he didn't get them for us. Mattison is a great #2 running back, but he is not a #1. PFF grade of 69.3 5th best on offense. The PFF grade makes sense to me. He was good.

Dalvin Cook - 36 snaps (41%) 17 carries for 65 yards and 1 TD 5 catches for 25 yards. Dalvin was our offense in the first half. Seattle was clearly stacking the box to stop him and he was still productive. Look at the stats and you say he has less YPC than Mattison, but that doesn't tell the entire story. The defense changed when Cook went down. They were able to double cover both our WRs and hold down the offense. We dominated time of possession in the first half and kept Russell Wilson off the field. Cook is our offensive MVP and if he can't come back I don't think we can win many games. He tried to come back in the 3rd quarter, but limped off after 1 play. If he was out there on that 4th and 1, I know we make it.

C.J. Ham - 29 snaps (33%) Ham was really good last night. He was opening up holes for both Mattison and Cook. I love him on the field and am very surprised he didn't play more. I don't get what Kubiak is doing. Ham's most notable miss was on the 4th and 1. He got no movement on his lead block and Mattison got stuffed. Mattison either didn't see the hole on the right or trusted Ham to get movement. Ham didn't get the push and that was it. Ham had a great game otherwise. PFF grade of 44.5. I don't see this. We ran the ball well with him out there. Someone will have to explain this grade to me.

Mike Boone - 5 snaps (6%) 2 carries for 19 yards. Boone had two very nice runs on limited time. I feel ok if he has to step in if Dalvin is out.

Ameer Abdullah - 1 play (1%) Abdullah is a special teamer and nothing else.

WRs - only 127 yards and 2 TDs against the worse pass defense in the league.

Adam Thielen - 81 plays (93%) 9 catches for 80 yards and 2 TDs (13 targets) 1 run for 3 yards. Adam was good last night. PFF grade of 84.1 was the highest on the team. Adam is a really really good WR. He isn't what he used to be. He had another play or two out there he could've made and plays he used to make. He is still our best option at WR. He is still a high end receiver. He did more than enough to help us win last night.

Justin Jefferson - 70 plays (80%) 3 catches for 23 yards and 5 targets. JJ was a non-factor last night. Cousins did not look his way often. 1 of those 5 targets was the terrible INT decision.

Chad Beebe - 27 snaps (31%) 1 catch for 11 yards and a 1st down. (2 targets) I don't remember seeing the 2nd target. Chad had a nice catch early for a 1st down.

Olabisi Johnson - 8 snaps (9%) 1 catch for 13 yards on his only target. Bisi was also a part of Cousins spreading the ball around early. He made a catch on his only opportunity of the night. Better than usual.

TEs - 74 yards on 5 catches from the TEs. Probably the best game from our TE group.

Kyle Rudolph - 64 snaps (74%) 1 catch for 10 yards on 2 targets. Kyle is not getting many looks in the passing game. He was out there I guess.

Irv Smith Jr. - 59 snaps (68%) 4 catches for 64 yards on 5 targets. Irv was out there blocking extremely well last night. He got involved early in the passing game and was key on the 1st drive of the game. He played very well and I liked it. We need this Irv Smith from now on. PFF grade 82.3

Tyler Conklin - 10 snaps (11%) Tyler is out there to be an extension of the OL. He is fine as a blocking TE.

OL - The usual from our OL. Decent run blocking followed by horrendous pass blocking.

Riley Reiff - 87 snaps (100%) Reiff was fine last night. He is the consistent rock on our OL. He is an above average player every week. No pressures given up according to PFF.

Dakota Dozier - 87 snaps (100%) Dakota was bad. PFF grade of 51.8. There were rushers up the middle on every pass down and as usual we had to run outside if we wanted to gain any yardage. He gave up 5 pressures according to PFF. That is 5 out of the 10.

Garrett Bradbury - 87 snaps (100%) Bradbury wasn't great last night. Both players on either side of him were dumpster fires and that surely doesn't help. If we can get one decent guard the OL will improve drastically. Bradbury gave up 2 pressures according to PFF> That isn't great.

Dru Samia - 87 snaps (100%) This guy. This guy is the guy everyone hates. He is the guy that ruins every party he is invited to. He is the guy that kills drives with penalties and missed blocks. He is #73. I know that because the refs are calling his number constantly. He is the worst player I have ever seen. He is clearly the worst starter in the league. He is in there because of an injury to Elf. Elf is terrible, but looks like Steve Hutchinson compared to Samia. I cannot fathom how bad the other guards have to be for them to not play over Samia. This is a failure by our front office and coaching staff. This is unacceptable. I have to think there are high schoolers that could step in and play better. He somehow got his best grade of his career last night from PFF...48.3. That is pathetic. Pass blocking grade of 31.5 despite only being credited with giving up 1 pressure. I don't get the PFF system some times. 4 penalties didn't help and I just realized the PFF system. He gave up pressures but was also called for a hold. Therefore the pressure doesn't count.

Brian O'Neill - 87 snaps (100%) Potato did well last night. PFF grade of 82.3. O'Neill is pretty good when he plays well. He is probably the best drafted OL we've had in 10+ Years. That isn't saying much. O'Neill did his job very well Sunday Night. O'Neill had his guy locked up on the 4th and 1 play. Ham/Mattison were the reason why it wasn't successful. O'Neill gave up 2 pressures according to PFF. I wonder if playing next to Samia is the cause with O'Neill and Bradbury giving up 2 each.

Rashod Hill - 2 snaps (2%) Came in a couple of times for jumbo packages.

DL - we had a nice pass rush last night and Seattle had no run game to speak of. Wilson got away a couple of times, but he is great and makes plays. Well done. 3 sacks and 6 QB hits from the group.

Yannick Ngakoue - 46 snaps (85%) Yannick is our best DL right now. He got another sack last night. He wasn't dominate, but he did his job against a really great QB on the other side.

Ifeadi Odenigbo - 42 snaps (78%) Odenigbo played well. He got his first sack of the season and was part of a great effort up front by our defense. 66.6 PFF grade.

Jalyn Holmes - 31 snaps (57%) - He got a QB hit. One play where he had a nice rush. Other than that, I barely notice him out there.

D.J. Wonnum - 27 snaps (50%) Wonnum was a non-factor last night. He is a guy you want out there for no more than 10 snaps.

Jaleel Johnson - 26 snaps (48%) - Jaleel has never panned out. I had high hopes for him when we drafted him. It just hasn't worked out. He had an offsides last night and was our lowest rated player on either side of the ball. PFF rating 33.6.

Shamar Stephen - 24 snaps (44%) Shamar had his best game of the season last night. He looked strong up front and even got a little push a few times. PFF grade 67.4 and out best rated DL.

Armani Watts - 11 snaps (20%) Watts was a non-factor as usual. He is just there to give a rest to the other players.

James Lynch - 8 snaps (15%) - Lynch got a sack and looked really good out there. I hope he takes some snaps from Jaleel Johnson in the future. He needs to play more.

LBs - really great effort from the group last night.

Eric Wilson - 54 snaps (100%) Eric was the best player out there for us on either side of the ball. PFF grade of 74.7 was the best on defense, but I thought it was too low. Eric had a sack, 2 tackles for loss, a pass defense, 3 QB hits and a huge interception. His interception should've sealed the deal for us. He was really effing good.

Eric Kendricks - 52 snaps (100%) Kendricks hasn't missed a snap this year. He is really solid and a tackling machine. No real stand out plays, but consistently playing solid defense. PFF grade of 68.8.

Todd Davis - 11 snaps (20%) Todd wasn't out there much because we played a lot of nickel. Nothing much to see here. This spot is weak if we need to play 3 LBs.

DBs - overall a really good performance. We held Russell Wilson to 217 yards and DK Metcalf was really the only receiver with a big impact.

Jeff Gladney - 54 snaps (100%) PFF Grade of 66.7. It was Gladney's best game. He looked good out there. This game is the reason why he was drafted high. He blanketed the receivers he was covering and had DK Metcalf jawing with him early. I thought he was our best DB in the game. That is a team with Harrison Smith and Anthony Harris. Gladney played in the slot quite a bit. He shut down Tyler Lockett for the most part.

Cameron Dantzler - 54 snaps (100%) Cam was our worst DB. PFF grade of 45.0. He got beat by DK Metcalf a couple of times and was the only player getting beat consistently. After the final TD Harrison Smith can been seen yelling at Cam to cover his effing guy. He was the weak spot and Russell knew it. The lined up DK on his side for a reason. I expect Holton Hill to take Dantzler's spot when he returns.

Harrison Smith - 54 snaps (100%) Not a great game from our captain on defense. He missed a tackle on Chris Carson's TD. He and Anthony Harris were tasked with staying deep and ensuring we didn't give up big plays. That limited his opportunities until we blitzed non-stop on the last drive. He had 1 QB hit.

Anthony Harris - 54 snaps (100%) Not Ant's best game. He had the tough task of helping Dantzler cover his guy. PFF grade of 46.6 on this one. I wonder if he got blamed for the final TD. Harrison Smith seemed to think it was Cam's mistake.

Mike Hughes - 43 snaps (80%) This was Hughes' best game this year. I thought he looked competent out there. He played a lot in nickel coverage and did well. I like him as a CB #3. Anything more than that and he isn't good. When Holton Hill comes back I hope to see Gladney, Hill and Hughes out there in nickel. If not, I don't know what Zim is watching.

George Iloka - 1 snap (2%) - I didn't see him out there and that is a good thing after last week.

The decision on 4th down by Zim was interesting. It wasn't clear cut, but I like the attitude. He knew Russell Wilson would drive and score if we kicked the FG. He went for the win there and it didn't work out. I don't get the play call to run to the right side of the OL. It ended up being a missed hole by Mattison and a poor block by Ham. We had them down to a 4th and 10 and Dantzler gave it up. We had them down to a 4th and goal and it appears Dantzler blew the coverage. We aren't terrible, but have a few spots where we are. Good teams know how to expose those spots.

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