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Vikings vs Seahawks - GMG In The Raw LIVE!

Good Morning Gjallarhorn’s immediate post game reaction to Vikings vs Seahawks. After losing by a point with a chance to win that goes askew, Ted, Drew, Flip and Dave discuss what it all means.

Good morning Horners! Your Minnesota Vikings went to Seattle to play the Seahawks on Sunday Night and absolutely dominated in the first half, but there are two halves as we all know. Join Ted, Flip, Drew and Dave as they give their reactions. ***WARNING*** - There is explicit language in the video and podcast. We’re pretty sure that you had some fly during and after the game too.

Kirk Cousins was who we know him to be. He can play dominate football, then get rattled. He isn’t considered a mobile QB, but Gary Kubiak called a QB draw on the two point conversion attempt. Why? Going for it on 4th down with about a 1/2 yard to go to win the game was a debatable call, but looked to be the correct one. What’s your opinion? Was the play call the right one though? Drew emphatically lets you know it wasn’t.

The defense made some great improvements shutting down the Russell Wilson run offense in the first half. Eric Wilson had his best game and even James Lynch made it in and was impactful with a pressure and his first sack. Things changed in the 3rd quarter, but they got back on track just to succumb to a final Russell Wilson drive where two or three 4th down conversions that led to a typical Vikings loss. As for typical Vikings losses, is it time for the Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer regime to end? Will it? Let us know.

Vikings GM Rick Spielman left talked with head coach Mike Zimmer during NFL camp at Minnesota State University , Mankato Monday July 28, 2014 in Mankato, MN . ] Jerry Holt
Is it time to move on? Some think that Spielman/Zimmer and crew make it through the season. Fans are basically at the “7 year itch” point and are wanting the Wilf’s to sue for divorce from them. The question is do the Wilf’s actually perceive it is as bad as the fans do?
Photo By Jerry Holt/Star Tribune via Getty Images

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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