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Tuesday Open Thread: October 13, 2020

That loss was the most Vikings loss that ever lost

Vikings - Green Bay Packer football September 26,1999. — Minnesota Vikings linebacker Corey Miller Cleans up on the first Brett Favre, 4, sack forced by Duane Clemons,92, during the 2nd quarter at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.(Photo By JUDY GRIESEDIECK/Sta

Merry Tuesday, everyone

Well, that game was lost in Vikings-esque fashion. Prior to the game, many Vikings fans had written off this game, and the season, as a loss (I was not one of them), and those fans went into this game without much emotion and they weren’t even going to get mad if the team lost because they expected it. I knew that, but I believe that the evil entity that has cursed this team also knew that, because he/she/it didn’t want the team to just get blown out because he/she/it wants to see us suffer. So, the team went out, and throughout over 3 quarters of football, they slowly got all the Vikings fans excited again and got them caring again because the team was playing good football, and they were about to beat one of the better teams in the league, and beat them on their home turf, and beat them on prime time. Yeah, by the 4th quarter, we were all cheering hard again, and we thought maybe......just maybe.......the season may be salvageable. Well, you know how the ending goes. It’s like how on Scooby Doo, at the end of an episode, they always pull the mask off of the bad guy, and we find out it’s someone we thought was a good guy, then the bad guy says “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids”? Yeah, the Vikings have a little gimmick similar to that. Theirs is slightly different, at the end of an episode, they lose in the most gut-wrenching, soul-twisting, expletive-laden-rant-inducing way that anyone could fathom.

These losses would be painful to mere mortals, but we Viking fans have been through it so many times that it doesn’t even phase us anymore. After we get done staring into space for a while, then we get done cursing and ranting for a longer while, we just kinda chuckle and say “How did I fall for it again? I KNEW they were gonna lose, so I wasn’t gonna get mad, but they did it to me again, and I cared again, and I’m mad again. I’m dumb.”

Around the DN since our last open thread:

Luft Krigare and the gang bring you Vikings vs. Seahawks - GMG In The Raw LIVE!

Other NFL news:

From CBS Sports, Falcons owner Arthur Blank was noncommittal on Matt Ryan’s future in Atlanta. Blank recently fired their GM and HC Dan Quinn after the Falcons’ 0-5 start.

The Chargers Vikingsed one against the Saints last night, from ESPN (“Vikingsed” added by me, in case you weren’t already aware of that).

We come to today’s media selection:

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Laughing’s more fun. Enjoy!

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