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Monday Open Thread: October 19, 2020

Wow, that sucked!

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Good Monday to you,

That game was ugly. In almost every game, you can find a positive to take from it. Yesterday was one of those rare games where you gained zero value by watching. There were some key injuries on the Vikings roster coming in, but every team has those this time of year. Pretty much every facet of the Vikings game was bad, some worse than others, but all facets probably graded somewhere between atrocious and bad. I feel sorry for the poor cardboard people who paid money for tickets to go watch that crap, although they sure looked like they were having fun, even at the end of the game, nothing but smiles and cheering. Cardboard people either don’t care about their team, or they’re just very cheerful, enthusiastic people. In the end, the Vikings were defeated, and defeated a winless team......who just fired their head coach and front office a few dozen hours prior to game time. Pathetic.

When you have key personnel who are inactive, you hope the next man up can make plays, but you’d also like to see your other star players rise up, and you hope one of them can have a huge day. Well, we saw a little bit of that on defense, as Wilson has made some big plays, and Dantzler has impressed with his tackling, and although he’s made a couple of rookie mistakes (you have that with rookies, that’s why they call them rookie mistakes), I’m impressed with how he’s played overall.

On offense, with the absence of Cook........we got....... Kirk Cousins, who didn’t step up, he stepped in it. Kirk set the tone for the game on the first play from scrimmage, when he threw an interception (which has also been the tone of much of his season). I have no clue why he threw that ball or who he was trying to throw it to, but unless he was targeting the linebacker who intercepted it, he missed his target horribly, and there was no pressure being applied, he did that all by himself. The rest of the meaningful portion of the game went pretty much like that, This is one of those games where someone who didn’t see the game could look at Kirk’s stats and with the exception of the 3 interceptions, they’d probably believe that Kirk had a decent game. Well, he didn’t, but he compiled many more garbage time yards and a couple meaningless TDs that will be used to justify his next bloated contract demand. I don’t care if he gets someone to pay it, as long as it isn’t the Vikings who are paying it. I’ll still root for the guy and I hope he can get his wires re-crossed and start functioning like an NFL quarterback, because we’re stuck with him for 2 more years after this year, and this is his cheapest year by far. We’re paying for a Cadillac, and right now, we’re getting a broken Pinto.

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Seems like a good day for Chopin. Enjoy!

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