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Skoldiers - 078 - Bye Week Buzz 2.0

Mike and Ed talk about the team and where we go from here

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Atlanta Falcons v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Mike and Ed discuss the team, bright spots, and where things are falling apart. We got buzzed. It’s worth a listen.

Flailing through games

  • Vikings lose to ATL 40-23 after trailing 20-0 at halftime
  • Threw up a lot of “garbage time” points to make it appear closer than it was
  • Head into the bye at 1-5 with essentially zero hopes for the playoffs

Tough road ahead

  • Come off the bye AT GB in a game that MN fans will likely view as their Super Bowl in this lost season

Bright spots

  • Justin Jefferson - how excited should we be at this point?
  • Dalvin Cook - missed this week but has been a stud this year
  • Adam Thielen - back to his old self


  • Kirk Cousins - one of his worst games
  • Consistency


  • Shut down Danielle?
  • Trades?
  • Zimmer?
  • Spielman?

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