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Skoldiers - 079 - Packing it in

Mike, Ed, Jimmy, and Nick talk about the Packers

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Mike, Ed, Jimmy, and Nick break down the Vikings vs the Packers!

Packing it in

  • ‘Round the North
  • Vikings (1-5) coming off their BYE travel to Lambeau to play GB (5-1) coming off victory on the road against HOU 35-20
  • Vikings lost 43-34 week 1 at home to GB
  • Now 0-3 in their last 3 against GB after a 5-1-1 stretch before that
  • Green Bay currently a 6.5 favorite (unsure how it isn’t double that)
  • Practice Squad Players
  • Two teams going very different directions
  • MN headed towards a top 10 pick
  • GB headed towards a top seed in the NFC

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