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Vikings vs Texans - GMG Pregame Show

The gang at Good Morning Gjallarhorn gather to talk Vikings and their road trip to Houston to play the Texans. You have Kirk Cousins and Deshaun Watson, polar opposites at QB both trying to get their first win.

Good morning Horners! Vikings vs Texans down in Houston on Sunday is still on track to happen. After increased Covid testing due to positive tests coming from the Titans last week, the Purple has had to alter their schedule to prepare for the battle of 0-3 teams. After some improvement last week and break out game from Justin Jefferson, the Vikes look to see if they can continue that. The Texans seem to be relatively evenly matched and have much the same faults, but they do have a mobile quarterback in Deshaun Watson. Can the defensive line keep him contained, can they get some sacks, how about the DBs on a fourth set of corner combinations in 4 weeks? All of this we’ll have to wait and see.

Kirk Cousins should be looking to make up for that disastrous last drive from last week, but can the offensive line hold back the likes of JJ Watt? The one super bright spot for targeting is that the Texans give up more yards against the run than any team in football. This should bode well for Dalvin Cook after be boomed out 181 yards last week. Will he get close to that this week? Drew compares the numbers. Ryno comments on Cousins’ leadership, and Ted rejoins the show to give his opinions in only the way Ted can. So join us for first pregame show of the weekend, and then catch the reaction show live 15 minutes after the game.

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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