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Previewing Vikings/Bears with Bears Talk Underground

Nobody is confident about this one

With the Minnesota Vikings getting ready to renew their hostilities with their NFC North rivals, the Chicago Bears, this Monday night, it’s time for us to once again sit down with our friends from Bears Talk Underground and discuss this week’s game.

You can listen to Larry Dyer and I talk about things right here.

The good news is that neither one of us has a ton of confidence in our respective teams going into this game. After getting off to a 5-1 start, the Bears have lost three in a row and have looked totally lost on offense. On the other hand, it’s Soldier Field on a Monday night, and there’s no Vikings fan that realistically has any confidence that this team wins in that situation.

It’s always a good time getting to talk with Larry, and we’ll do so again in Week 15. . .not Week 17. . .when these two teams meet at an empty U.S. Bank Stadium.

So, enjoy the discussion with the folks from Bears Talk Underground, and we’re just getting started with our coverage of this week’s game.