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Daily Norseman Reacts: It’s happening!

You can decide if that’s good or bad.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

With no game today, it seems like a good time to get caught up on our SB Nation Reacts for the Minnesota Vikings and. . .well, it’s happening.

I’m not entirely sure what “it” is yet, but there’s certainly something happening from the look of our graph.

Yes, we’ve achieved pretty much a full “W” with our graph, as confidence is pretty high now after a couple of Vikings victories. We are up to a full 71% of fans responding to our survey with the belief that the Vikings are moving in the correct direction. That’s by far the highest we’ve seen since before the season started and a whole lot higher than it was a couple of weeks ago when confidence was all the way down in the single digits.

Here’s the full rundown of how the confidence roller coaster has gone this season.

  • End of 2019: 84% of Vikings fans express confidence in the direction of the team
  • Post-free agency: 49%
  • Post-draft: 88%
  • Week 1: 88%
  • Week 2: 43%
  • Week 3: 9%
  • Week 4: 18%
  • Week 5: 44%
  • Week 6: 46%
  • Week 7: 15%
  • Week 8: 8%
  • Week 9: 34%
  • Week 10: 71%

Given that we are, in fact, Vikings fans, you can determine whether or not such a marked increase in confidence is a good thing or not.

If the Vikings can walk into Soldier Field tomorrow night and pull off a third straight victory over an NFC North opponent, we’ll likely see this number increase even more than it has over the past few weeks. I certainly hope that’s what happens.