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The Brett Jones documentary is officially out

And you can check it out here!

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Back in February. . .which seems like about nine years ago but has only actually been nine months. . .we mentioned that there was a documentary about Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Brett Jones coming out. Well, after all these months of waiting, the folks from The Little Park have finally released the film, and you can check it out right here.

Uncharted North: I Am Brett Jones is a short look at Brett Jones’ journey from his small-town roots in Saskatchewan (which, as it turns out, is not near Toronto) to the National Football League. The film goes back to his high school days, when his team had 22 players on it. . .total, and continues on from there to the University of Regina and, eventually, to the NFL.

The documentary check in at about 22 minutes, and it’s well worth your time to check out. Kudos to the folks from The Little Park for taking the time to put this together at a time where it probably wasn’t terribly easy to get something like this done.

What you think of Uncharted North: I Am Brett Jones, folks?