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Week 11 NFL Early Game Discussion

Since we have to wait a bit

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

In a rare switch, your Minnesota Vikings will be playing on a Sunday but not as a part of the usual noon Central time kickoff window. They’ll actually be kicking off as part of the late game slate. So, that can only mean one thing for the early games.

That’s right, folks. . .it’s time for a limited, modified RED ZONE SUNDAY while we wait for the main event to kick off later this afternoon. We can sit back and watch the early games and get ready for the one that matters later on.

With that, here are the broadcast maps for everyone that might not have the Red Zone Channel and is at the mercy of whatever the local networks decide they’re going to show, courtesy of the folks from 506 Sports.

The green and yellow areas on the chart represent games that will be shown during the late window.

Early Games on FOX

Kickoff is just about half an hour away for the early games, folks, so get ready for some NFL action and we’ll continue posting stuff about the Vikings game as we get it, like the inactive lists and the first quarter Discussion Thread.

Enjoy the games, everyone!