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Vikings vs Cowboys: GMG In The Raw! Another Loss at U.S. Bank

What an absolute crummy result as the Vikings go down in their home against a bad Cowboys team. Is it all Mike Zimmer’s fault? The guys get into quite enthusiastically and colorfully in this explicit language laced reaction from the Good Morning Gjallarhorn team.

Good morning Horners! Is all this mess on Mike Zimmer? Join Ted, Flip, Drew and Dave as we go at it after the game. Your Minnesota Vikings could not win at home fourth out of five times this season. For the third time this season, the Vikings are leading with 2:00 to go in the game and lose. For us fans, this has been extremely frustrating. The frustration is evident in this show, but watch or listen at your peril. There is a large amount of explicit language. You are forewarned.

The defense that had been improving over the last three weeks took a step back, and could not contain the Dallas running attack led by Ezekiel Elliott and occasional throws by Andy Dalton. The TD catch by CeeDee Lamb was unbelievable and served as a spark too. The Vikings offense was occasionally effective, but it took until later in the game for that to happen. Penalties were another issue. Most of the game, Dalvin Cook was pretty much restrained until he started busting some longer ones in the third quarter. Kirk Cousins did have an exceptional game, but couldn’t get it done on the last drive with drops by Justin Jefferson and additional incompletes to Adam Thielen.

Special teams play continued to be an issue, from early in the game with a K.J. Osborn fumble and an illegal shift penalty by Kris Boyd on a fake punt that would have succeeded, just to be followed by Kris Boyd being called for blocking in the back on the next play as a punt gunner.

Flip Mazzi, Ted, Drew and Dave got spicy commenting on it afterwards with viewers, and if you missed it after the game you can relive it here.

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! Stay safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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