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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks: Week 14

And down the stretch they come!

NFL: Super Bowl LIV City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got just four weeks left in the 2020 NFL regular season, and that means we’re getting down to the wire in our Daily Norseman NFL staff picks. Eric is still in the lead, but everyone else is doing their best to catch up with him. Can the gap get narrowed this week?

Here’s what the standings look like this far:

  • Eric Thompson: 127-65 (10-5 last week, 1-0 this week)
  • Warren Ludford: 124-66 (12-3 last week, 1-0 this week)
  • Christopher Gates: 121-71 (10-5 last week, 1-0 this week)
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 107-71 (12-3 last week, 1-0 this week)

Yep, everyone did a pretty solid job in Week 13, and we all got off on the right foot this week by picking the Rams over the Patriots, so that’s pretty awesome. With that, here are our selections for Week 14, courtesy of our friends at Tallysight.

Yes, I’m the lone dummy. . .or genius, depending on your perspective. . .that’s picking our Minnesota Vikings to walk into Tampa Bay this week and take down Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Why? Because I’m a hopeless homer, that’s why. Three of us have the Vikings covering the spread, which currently sits at 6.5 points, while Eric has the purple losing by more than that. Eric is also the only one picking this game to go “under” 52 total points.

Here are the other games that we have disagreements on this week:

  • Texans at Bears: Ed has Chicago, everyone else has Houston
  • Cardinals at Giants: SPLIT! Ed and Eric have Arizona, Warren and Chris have New York
  • Cowboys at Bengals: Chris has Cincinnati, everyone else has Dallas
  • Broncos at Panthers: Warren has Denver, everyone else has Carolina
  • Colts at Raiders: Chris has Las Vegas, everyone else has Indianapolis
  • Falcons at Chargers: Chris has Los Angeles, everyone else has Atlanta
  • Football Team at 49ers: Eric has San Francisco, everyone else has Washington
  • Steelers at Bills: SPLIT! Warren and Chris have Pittsburgh, Ed and Eric have Buffalo
  • Ravens at Browns: SPLIT! Ed and Chris have Cleveland, Eric and Warren have Baltimore

If you count the Vikings game, there are differing picks in 10 of the 16 games on this week’s slate among our selectors. Our unanimous winners this week, outside of the Rams pick we already went over, are Tennessee (over Jacksonville), Kansas City (over Miami), Seattle (over the New York Jets), Green Bay (over Detroit), and New Orleans (over Philadelphia).

Those are our selections for this week, ladies and gentlemen. How are your picks going with four weeks left in the season?