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Hey folks...

I'm pretty sure i don't need to tell you that 2020 is the most stupid of years... and it is much harder for some people to cope than others... which is why i want to remind you that Special Olympics needs your $$$ this year more than ever!Baaaaroooooo

Donations are down this year and people are worried that we won't even be able to do a polar plunge.

REST ASSURED my friends... we have a plan A... B and C... and no matter the case, all moneys you donate WILL be going to Special Olympics.

WE NEED JUMPERS (or even virtual Jumpers!) Join Admiral BigGun's PURPLE PLUNGERS! (CLICK HERE)

Send me a direct message and i will send you the password. Raise $75 and you too can jump in a frozen lake in greater Minnesota aka... Otter Tail County.
Take the Plunge for Special Olympics MN

Hate the cold? too.

Why not take the easy way out and just donate some $ to Special Olympics instead.

NO...Seriously... even donating $5 makes a huge difference !!

Minnesota Special Athletes need your help.

Take the Plunge for Special Olympics MN

OH... and after donating you can watch Admiral BigGun do a face plant into frozen ice water... I don't care where you are from, that's just funny right there.

If we raise $1000 by Christmas, i will post a video of my jump for all of you to see.

I wouldn't ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do... which is why i donated the first $100.00.

Surly you can help out with $5.

Here is a video from 2019: Take the Plunge for Special Olympics MN


Last year... thanks to you!!! Purple Plungers raised over $4000 !! Can you get us to $1000 by Christmas?

The DN has been great in the past... but this year is the real test. PLEASE CLICK HERE and donate today. I want you to know that I appreciate you Daily Norseman faithful!!

Thank you for even considering to help.


SKOL! and THANK YOU for your support!

- Admiral BigGun |

Please post any questions or thoughts below.

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