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December 14, 2020

Talk about hot seats, Bailey is sitting on an erupting volcano

ATLANTA - 9/12/99 - The Vikings pulled ahead of Atlanta 17 - 7 in the first half Sunday afternoon in the Georgia Dome. — After several pass receptions, wide receiver Cris Carter lies down on the ground and stretches on the sideline during the first half

Merry Monday, everyone

Although MOST of the Vikings played well yesterday (icy stare at Dan Bailey), it wasn’t enough, and the Buccaneers, along with the 12th men wearing white and black stripes, got the W. After a touchdown put the Vikings up by 6 (glance at Bailey), the Vikings got the ball back and had an opportunity to really put themselves in the drivers seat, but they couldn’t get the ball into the end zone, so they had to settle for 3 (uncomfortably long silence while I stare at Bailey). Scratch that, they didn’t go up by 3 (clears throat and throws a quick glance at Bailey). The missed FG gave the Bucs the ball at midfield, they scored a touchdown, and the Vikings weren’t in the driver’s seat.

You watched it, you saw the team fight & try to come back, but they were never able to. Why couldn’t they come back? I think there were two main factors, and we touched on one, and that is Dan Bailey. The kicker left 10 points on the table all by himself. I’d give him a pass on the 54 yarder, but that attempt landed in Tampa Bay. Not Tampa Bay the town, Tampa Bay the bay, which is 3.7 miles west of the stadium, and that’s where the kick landed. I’m not on the “fire Bailey” bandwagon. In my opinion, you hire good people, and stick with them through the peaks and valleys. It’s a little different in the NFL, but I still wouldn’t abandon Bailey, he’s a good kicker, but he has to figure out what the problem is, and get it taken care of. The next main factor, in my opinion, was the officiating. It was, once again, horrible and one-sided, and I think that officiating played a role in the outcome of the game. Either call it tight or call it loose, but call it the same for both teams. Oh, and quit sucking.

Anyway, the team is 6-7, but if they can play tough the rest of the season, the playoffs are still a possibility. They no longer control their own destiny, but that could change by the end of next week’s games. Keep the faith. SKOL!!!

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We come to today’s media selection:

I dunno, drawing a blank so I’ll go with a classic. Here’s Highwayman performed by The Highwaymen. Enjoy!

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