Minnesota Vikings Weekly Player Recap: Week 14 2020 (We suck again)

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Sunday was one of those games that is just so frustrating. We were so close to being up multiple scores early in the game, but couldn't get the play we needed to score. 3 missed FGs and 1 XP were bad, but so was our red zone offense. We played ok, but not good enough against a playoff team in Tampa Bay. We still have a chance. 3-0 is almost a guaranteed playoff spot. 2-1 and we will need to hope Arizona loses 2 of their 3 final games. The Bears looked good on Sunday and we have them up next. WE need to have a short memory and move onto the next game or our season will be over quickly.


Kirk Cousins - 79 snaps (100%) 24/37 for 225 yards and 1 TD, 5 rushes for 41 yards QBR 61.1, Passer Rating 90.5, PFF 76.1 Kirk was under duress the entire game. He was pressured on 22 of his 47 drop backs and sacked 6 times. There were times where he held onto the ball longer than he should. There were many more play calls that made no sense. It seemed like we were getting blitzed every down in the red zone. The coaching staff had no answers for it. We were getting crushed on the interior OL and needed something to relieve that pressure. Kirk scrambled very well to get a couple of nice first downs with his legs. He played well enough for us to win if everything else went well. Kicking and poor defense made it to where we needed Kirk to be perfect. He was ok, but far from the playmaker we needed to win yesterday with everything going wrong around him. He fumbled on the sack to end the game, but it was really already over at that point. It was 4th down and the sack was a turnover.

RBs - 162 yards on the best ranked run defense in the league. Not too shabby.

Dalvin Cook - 54 snaps (68%) 22 carries for 102 yards and 1 TD, 2 catches for 8 yards (4 targets) Dalvin was pretty, pretty, pretty good yesterday. He was running at the best run defense with the terrible OL in front of him. He fought through a lot of contact to get the yards he did. He was close to breaking a couple of runs for big gains, but got caught by the shoe string. He did have 1 dropped screen pass where he turned before the ball got there. I am happy we gave him some rest early and shared some of the carries. He did go out for a few plays with a hand injury after dropping the screen. I think it just got hit and he needed a few minutes to rest.

C.J. Ham - 40 snaps (51%) 1 carry for 0 yards and 3 catches for 22 yards (3 targets) Ham seems to be less effective by the week. He bounced back into Dalvin on one carry and Troy Aikman gave him credit for 1/2 a tackle.

Ameer Abdullah - 15 snaps (19%) 3 carries for 11 yards 2 catches for 10 yards (2 targets) Gave Dalvin some much needed rest and he ran decently. Abdullah is a good 3rd down back. He isn't great, but he is good. I like him more and more as we go along.

Mike Boone - 4 snaps (5%) 2 carries for 8 yards and 1 catch for 4 yards (1 target) All of Mike's action was in the 1st half. 2 carries in the first quarter and the catch in the 2nd.

WRs - 78 yards receiving for the group. They didn't have many opportunities this week.

Adam Thielen - 71 snaps (90%) 3 catches for 39 yards (4 targets) Thielen had a couple of nice catches for 15 yards each on our first TD drive. There wasn't much after that. He didn't have another catch until the final drive in the game.

Justin Jefferson - 68 snaps (86%) 4 catches for 39 yards (8 targets) JJ helped set us up for an easy 36 yard FG to get it to 9-0. It would've been 2 scores on the first 3 drives and a 2 score lead. JJ had a bunch of targets, but I don't think any of the incompletions can be pinned on him. A few throw aways and few missed throws. He did get the 2 point conversion for us and a 4th down conversion to keep the game alive on that last drive.

Chad Beebe - 34 snaps (43%) 0 catches (3 targets) I remember 1 drop from Beebe and another that was tight coverage and not really catchable for him. I don't remember the 3rd target. He never gets any separation. The only yards he ever has is when the defense forgets to cover him. (Other than that one game winning catch after he muffed the punt) PFF 37.7

Olabisi Johnson - 19 snaps (24%) PFF 53.7 He didn't have any targets. I saw him out there I think.

Tajae Sharpe - 5 snaps (6%) one desperate pass on 3rd down on our last drive. It was overthrown by 5 yards.

TEs - I think it was our best TE day yet and we only had two healthy TEs.

Tyler Conklin - 45 snaps (57%) 5 catches for 40 yards (5 targets) Conklin made a couple of nice plays out there on offense. That includes a nice 4th down conversion on 4th and 6 to setup our 2nd TD. It was his best game I've seen. PFF 76.1 is the highest I've seen him rated.

Irv Smith Jr. - 28 snaps (35%) 4 catches for 63 yards, 1 TD (4 targets) Irv was our best receiver out there and arguably our best player on Sunday. PFF 92.6 is 14.3 points higher than anyone else on the team on either side of the ball. He was strong and caught everything thrown his way. He was big on the drive when we were down by 9 at the beginning of the 4th quarter (ended in, of course, a missed FG). Irv looked strong in his return to the field and I hope we can see this type of play every week.

OL - Kirk had no time to throw all day. Terrible effort up front. Ndamukong Suh had 9 pressures this week, his most since Week 13 of 2012.

Riley Reiff - 79 snaps (100%) Reiff played well this week as usual. He isn't the best LT in the league, but he is well above average. PFF 73.1 2 pressures allowed; 76.7 blocking grade

Dakota Dozier - 79 snaps (100%) Dozier is the worst starter on OL in the league. He is terrible and has always been terrible. The fact that he still plays over Brett Jones is inexcusable IMO. PFF 39.7 4 pressures allowed; 31.9 pass blocking grade

Garrett Bradbury - 79 snaps (100%) We had pressure up the middle all day, but it wasn't on Bradbury. He graded fairly well in the passing game with 2 pressures allowed; 77.9 pass blocking grade

Ezra Cleveland - 79 snaps (100%) Rough day for Ezra. Really poor effort in pass blocking, but slightly better in run blocking. 8 pressures allowed; 32.0 pass blocking grade

Brian O'Neill - 66 snaps (84%) Potato was ok this week. He went down with an injury in the 3rd quarter. I will be interested in seeing an update on him. 1 pressure allowed; 58.7 pass blocking grade

Rashod Hill - 25 snaps (32%) Came in for O'Neill when he went down. Played well considering he hasn't played much all year other than jumbo packages. Highest rated OL of the week PFF 78.3 and second highest grade on the team! 0 pressures allowed; 81.2 pass blocking grade

DL - What a pathetic pass rush we had this week. 4 pressures on 23 drop backs from Brady. Brady had all day to throw and missed a bunch of open receivers early.

Ifeadi Odenigbo - 42 snaps (82%) Nothing from Odenigbo all day. Zero pass rush all day on Brady. Most of the time Tom gets it out quick, but there were a few plays where he held onto the ball and we got nothing from our top DE option.

Jaleel Johnson - 30 snaps (59%) Does Jaleel ever do anything? He played less this week than in the past. I hope he plays 0 soon. PFF 40.3 is Dozier level. He is bad and should feel bad.

Jalyn Holmes - 29 snaps (57%) Defensive best PFF 69.4 because the rest of our defense is that bad. Don't ask me what he did to get that grade, because I didn't see him make a single play. 1 tackle for the day.

Shamar Stephen - 29 snaps (57%) PFF 64.0 I guess he was ok. He had 1 tackle and 1 tackle shared with Wonnum.

D.J. Wonnum - 24 snaps (47%) PFF 68.0 I thought Wonnum was our best defender out there. He had a nice tackle for a 3 yard loss to help hold Tampa to a FG late in the game and keep their lead to 12. It was our only tackle for a loss on the day. Wonnum was ok with a bunch of nothing around him.

Armon Watts - 18 snaps (35%) PFF 63.4 Watts was our only DL to get a hit on Brady all day.

Hercules Mata'afa - 15 snaps (29%) Hercules and Jaleel shared a tackle after giving up an easy 1st down run on 3rd and short before half.

Jordan Brailford - 10 snaps (20%) Nothing to speak of after a monster game last week. Not much of an opportunity either.

James Lynch - 7 snaps (14%) He had a tackle towards the end of the 2nd quarter. Don't remember seeing him after that.

LBs - We need Kendricks back against the Bears to stand a chance.

Eric Wilson - 51 snaps (100%) Wilson had 1 of our QB hits on a blitz and 1 of the 4 pressures we had all day. He also had our only pass defense of the game. It wasn't his best effort though. He wasn't flying around making tackles like he usually is.

Todd Davis - 51 snaps (100%) Todd was the one called for DPI on the Hail Mary attempt. It is a call that is never made. Did he interfere? Kind of. Todd also led the team in tackles this week. We just aren't the same without Eric Kendricks.

Troy Dye - 21 snaps (41%) PFF 61.1 Troy was our 5th best graded defender of the day. Don't ask me what he did to get that grade. I guess he just didn't mess up as much as the rest of the team.

DBs - Guys running open all day. Brady missed several throws or this would've been a blowout.

Anthony Harris - 51 snaps (100%) PFF 44.4, 4th worst on the team. Harris was really bad all day. He was poor in coverage and run support. I feel stupid for suggesting he could be picked over Harrison Smith earlier in the year. He hasn't been good for a large majority of this season.

Harrison Smith - 51 snaps (100%) It wasn't like Harrison Smith lit it up either. He was late a few times in coverage.

Cameron Dantzler - 51 snaps (100%) Gronk beat him early in the game, but Brady missed the throw (Ant Harris was late to help) He also go beat deep by Mike Evans to setup Tampa's 3rd TD of the game.

Jeff Gladney - 49 snaps (96%) Gladney was not that good today. He was beat by Mike Evans a few times. He did have 1 of our 4 QB pressures on the day. Their 2nd TD he got beat by Antonio Brown and then had a DPI in the end zone against Evans. I thought he had a pass defense on a 3rd down in the 4th, but he wasn't credited with one.

Chris Jones - 31 snaps (61%) Terrible, he got beat by Scotty Miller for a 48 yard TD and Tampa's first score of the game.

Josh Metellus - 1 snap (2%) Didn't see him out there.

Our special teams were terrible again this week. We missed 1 PAT and 3 FGs. There is no return game to speak of. We did a decent job covering punts. Dan Bailey has lost all confidence in himself and unfortunately we don't have time to wait for it to return. We must put in a new kicker immediately.

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