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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks: Week 15

We’ve got Saturday football!

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

We’ve got just three weeks left in the 2020 NFL regular season, and what had been a three-horse race for superiority in our Daily Norseman Staff NFL picks has essentially been narrowed to two after yours truly had a pretty rough Week 14.

Here’s what the overall standings look like with three weeks to go:

  • Eric Thompson: 137-72 (10-6 last week, 0-1 this week)
  • Warren Ludford: 135-72 (11-5 last week, 0-1 this week)
  • Christopher Gates: 128-81 (7-9 last week, 0-1 this week)
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 119-76 (12-4 last week, 0-1 this week)

Yep, I managed to be below .500 last week, which is just stunning in its awfulness, to be honest. I tried a couple of things in an effort to make up some ground and. . .well. . .it failed pretty impressively. Ed has been on a serious roll over the past few weeks as well. But the top spot is going to come down to Eric and Warren. It should be a pretty interesting race over the final three weeks of the season.

And, yes, we all missed on Thursday Night Football this week. Thanks, Raiders.

Here are the picks for this week.

Unlike last week, where we disagreed on a lot of games, there are only two games that we have any disagreements on this week.

  • Niners at Cowboys: SPLIT! Ed and Warren have Dallas, Eric and Chris have San Francisco
  • Eagles at Cardinals: Warren has Philadelphia, everyone else has Arizona

So far, everyone has our Minnesota Vikings keeping their season alive with a victory over the Chicago Bears. Here’s how that breaks down.

  • Chris: Minnesota -3, Under 47 points
  • Eric: Minnesota -3, Under 47 points
  • Warren: Minnesota -3, Under 46 points
  • Ed: Minnesota -3, Under 46.5 points

The point spreads and over/unders can fluctuate on Tallysight based on when people get their picks submitted.

So, those are our picks for this week in the National Football League, ladies and gentlemen. Remember, we’ve got a doubleheader in the NFL today, so enjoy a full weekend of football action!