Minnesota Vikings Weekly Player Recap: Week 15 2020 (Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over)

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Another week another game we should've won, but our own incompetence stops us. Two field goals kicked with the ball inside the 10. A Hail Mary where the closest receiver didn't get more than 2 inches off the ground. The season is essentially over. We have one shot where we win the next two games, the Bears lose at least 1 of their final 2 and the Cardinals lost both of their remaining games. Weirder things have happened, but I won't be holding my breath. Our offensive play calling is just terrible. We try to run the ball up the middle against the Bears defense with our OL. That is how stupid we are. Thielen only gets 3 targets. We call long developing plays when our OL is garbage. I don't get it.


Kirk Cousins - 68 snaps (100%) 24/35 for 271 yards, 2 TD 1 INT, 3 rushes for 25 yards, QBR 69.2 and Passer Rating 98.6. I think Justin Jefferson said it best after Kirk threw the ball late and high in the end zone, "F*ck, Kirk! Comeon! Throw the ball!" This is what I felt several times during the game. Kirk was hesitant to throw the ball and our OL affords no time to hesitate. The following play Kirk tossed it to Irv for an easy TD that was dropped. It isn't all his fault and it rarely is. However, there are many QBs I'd take over him right now. We recovered his sack fumble to start the 2nd after he held onto the ball for what seemed like ages. When you look around the NFL and see other QBs there are two types of good QBs, QBs that are mobile and making plays scrambling/running and QBs that get rid of the ball immediately. Kirk does neither. He had a couple of nice runs, but that isn't what is going to win us games. The old guys have learned to get rid of the ball and the young guys are more athletic and making plays. With no pressure (24 plays) Kirk's PFF grade was 76.5, under pressure (17 plays) PFF grade 47.9.

RBs - 133 yards against that D, not too shabby

Dalvin Cook - 52 snaps (76%) 24 carries for 132 and a TD, 5 catches for 27 yards (5 targets). PFF 72.0 Dalvin has 339 touches so far this year. He is 50 short of Adrian's team record in 2012. Derrick Henry has 1 more this year, but he has a shot at getting 2,000 yards this season and has a much bigger build than Cook. We need to give him rest these last two weeks. 1 carry went to Mattison this week. Dalvin missed a game and a half and is still getting the ball more than we gave it to Adrian Peterson his MVP season. Terrible coaching, especially when Abdullah has looked pretty good carrying the ball.

C.J. Ham - 20 snaps (29%) PFF 50.0 Ham had a couple of nice blocks this week. I thought he was just as good as last week, but without the catches. He didn't play as much, which I thought was weird considering how much we ran the ball. Our coaching is questionable at best.

Alexander Mattison - 6 snaps (9%) 6 snaps for this guy. I am bitter about his play and I still that that is a ridiculously low amount. 1 rush for 1 yard and 1 catch for 14 yards (1 target)

Ameer Abdullah - 1 snap (1%) I didn't see the play where he was out there.

WRs - 136 yards from our WR. 104 of those were from JJ.

Justin Jefferson - 66 snaps (97%) 8 catches for 104 yards (11 targets) PFF 84.0 We went to JJ often. He should've had a TD if it wasn't for Kirk's indecisiveness and then high throw in the 2nd quarter. JJ is our best WR now. Thielen is still our top Red Zone target and I think that is because Thielen knows how to get open in those tight spots. JJ is going to be a star.

Adam Thielen - 64 snaps (94%) 2 catches for 11 yards and 1 TD (3 targets). How the hell did we only target Thielen 3 times in 64 snaps? He had two catches on our 2nd drive and didn't have another until midway through the 4th quarter. Inexplicable. I don't get it.

Chad Beebe - 20 snaps (29%) 2 catches for 21 yards (2 targets). Chad had a couple of nice catches. Converted a 3rd and 5 on the Conklin TD drive and got us started on our last drive with a 12 yard gain. PFF 69.4 might be a record for Beebs.

Olabisi Johnson - 9 snaps (13%) No stats for Bisi. It appears as if he had a chance to catch that Hail Mary at the end. The replay shows the CB that got the pick tripped him up a bit just before the ball got there. He didn't get off the ground to jump for it or he would've had a great chance at winning the game for us.

TEs - 84 yards and a TD from the group

Irv Smith Jr. - 56 snaps (82%) 3 catches for 37 yards (4 targets) 1 big drop from Irv. It was 3rd and goal from the 6 and Kirk scrambled to his right. Irv expected Kirk to try to run it in and Kirk threw him the ball. Irv was unable to catch the easy TD. We settled for the FG and that could've changed the direction of the game. Seems very typical of our entire season. PFF 50.8 and I hope this is because he is still rusty coming off injury.

Tyler Conklin - 45 snaps (66%) 3 catches for 57 yards and 1 TD (4 targets) It was nice to see a TE run someone over for a TD. Conklin had his best game I've seen him play. He is looking like a legitimate TE. I am excited about Conklin and Irv if they both can stay healthy. Rudy is on the way out the door if Conklin plays like this. PFF 69.9 is good for 3rd best on offense.

OL - yuck, 16 pressures credited to our OL

Riley Reiff - 68 snaps (100%) It was a little bit of a down week for Reiff. He is usually our rock on the left side. He gave up a sack after Cousins held onto the ball forever. 2 pressures allowed still isn't too bad against a Bears defense.

Dakota Dozier - 68 snaps (100%) I have run out of words to describe how bad Dozier is. 7 pressures given up and a PFF grade of 39.5. This guy makes it hard to watch. If we don't draft an OG with our first pick I think we should fire everyone who has input in the picks. IDGAF IF DEION SANDERS HAS FALLEN TO US! WE NEED BETTER OL OR WE HAVE NO CHANCE. I am baffled as to why Dozier is still playing. Brett Jones isn't great by any measure, but he is better than this. It irks me to no end.

Garrett Bradbury - 68 snaps (100%) We were getting beat so much up the middle I couldn't tell who was missing the blocks. Have you seen us try to get a 1 yard run when we need it? Don't even think about running up the middle. We did because our coaching staff still doesn't realize our limitations on OL. 3 pressures given up by Bradbury.

Ezra Cleveland - 68 snaps (100%) 2 pressures given up by Cleveland. Is Cleveland good? No, but he is a lot better than our LG position. He is better than Samia or Elf. Average OL play makes it seem like Ezra should be going to the Pro Bowl in comparison.

Brian O'Neill - 68 snaps (84%) PFF 67.3 2 pressures given up by Brian. 5th best PFF grade on offense this week because of the garbage around him. We did run the ball very well outside to the right. Several of Cooks longer gains were a run outside of the RT.

Rashod Hill - 1 snap (1%) Jumbo Package

DL - pathetic effort from our DL. No pressure and poor run defense.

Shamar Stephen - 52 snaps (81%) Not much from 52 snaps. The only play I really remember seeing him make was a tackle on 1st and goal from the 6. It seems the less you do the more you play on our DL. No pressure and getting beat regularly on the inside.

Jalyn Holmes - 44 snaps (69%) The play after Stephen's tackle Holmes got his 1 tackle assist on Mitch inches before he scored. PFF 38.6 is lower than Dozier. That is how bad he was. We get nothing from our DTs.

D.J. Wonnum - 43 snaps (67%) Wonnum got a bit more playing time with Odenigbo going down. He and Hercules were in on a nice stop to hold the Bears to a FG to make it 30-20 and kept us in the game. He also had a nice stop after we turned the ball over on downs to hold them to the FG to make it 33-27 and give us 1 minute to try to win it. He was ok. Nothing spectacular this week.

Jaleel Johnson - 36 snaps (56%) Does this guy ever do anything? I think he got a sack a month ago. He had a couple of tackles and assist. Mostly after the RB had gained enough for a 1st down.

Ifeadi Odenigbo - 26 snaps (41%) Ifeadi went out with an ankle injury in the 2nd quarter. He didn't do anything before he went out. We had no pass rush to speak of.

Armon Watts - 26 snaps (41%) Watts played decently well this week, which means he gets less snaps than those who are playing poorly. PFF 76.2 was 4th best on our defense.

Hercules Mata'afa - 24 snaps (38%) PFF 81.2 Hercules was really good against the run this week. He and Eric Wilson got very nice tackle for a loss the play before our interception. The stop made them pass on 3rd down which led to what should've been a game changing play. We'll keep playing the other guys over Hercules and Watts because our coaching staff is as flexible as a telephone pole.

James Lynch - 4 snaps (6%) I didn't notice him come in.

LBs - Davis and Wilson played ok, but they aren't the same without Kendricks.

Eric Wilson - 64 snaps (100%) Wilson was ok. Too many times he is slow to help in the run game. He did have a pressure on Trubisky which was rare and 1/2 of our only tackle for loss in the run game.

Todd Davis - 59 snaps (92%) Had a very nice sack on the first drive to force a punt. He also had a nice pass defense for a 3rd down stop. It was clearly his best game this year. I hope he can keep it up. I don't think we can depend on Barr next year and I don't want to waste another draft pick on a bad OLB. PFF 79.6

Troy Dye - 24 snaps (38%) PFF 39.5 Same grade as Dozier. He looks lost out there way too often. Just doesn't seem to be improving.

Hardy Nickerson - 16 snaps (25%) Replaced Davis and Dye for injuries.

Blake Lynch - 1 snap (2%) I don't even know who this is.

DBs -

Anthony Harris - 64 snaps (100%) He has not played well at all this year. He almost got run over along with Wilson by Mitch Trubisky. They both hit Mitch at the same time and nearly got run over for the TD.

Harrison Smith - 64 snaps (100%) Had a nice knock away from Jimmy G. A few tackles in run support. Harry's steam has been taken away by these penalties IMO.

Cameron Dantzler - 61 snaps (95%) PFF 90.7 and 1 yuge INT. Cam was our best player out there on Sunday. He was great. He made the play we needed and of course we then couldn't get 1 first down after. He was a shining star in the cloud of smog that is our team.

Jeff Gladney - 64 snaps (100%) PFF 71.8 Weird that our 3rd round pick is playing better than our 1st. Gladney is coming along nicely though. He is really good at run support and I hoe he can develop into that Antoine Winfield role. That is too much to ask, but he is talented. I like Gladney. He does occasionally still get burned by vet WRs.

Chris Jones - 31 snaps (48%) PFF 34.4 was a low for the team. He got beat for a couple of TDs. He also misses more tackles than anyone on the team. That is when he at least tries to make a tackle. This guy sucks.

Our special teams were terrible again this week. We were rightfully terrified of Cordarelle Patterson and tried a squib kick to open. They started on their 39. Our first two punts went 43 yards each. When Patterson wasn't out injured they seemed to always get it somewhere between the 30 and 35 yard line. That is a yuge difference in expected points.

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