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Fries Football - F***, Kirk, Throw the Flag!

The outburst caught of the mic from Justin Jefferson to Kirk Cousins was about the route. As you will see in the breakdown of the play, he was open.

Matt Fries, Climbing the Pocket Network Contributor, takes a look at why Justin Jefferson was yelling, “F***, KIRK, throw the Flag” in the video that went viral during the Vikings vs Bears game on Sunday. Jefferson got wide open on a Flag, or Corner route twice in a row, but unfortunately didn’t get the ball. While this caused a little frustration, there is nothing to worry about in terms of a rift in the locker room.

The video includes the play in question along with the next two and you can see what happened and what Kirk Cousins was doing. In one play Khalil Mack screams by Brian O’Neill but Cousins escapes just to have Irv Smith Jr drop a ball that hit hiss chest. Then in the next, Kirk throws behind Jefferson. There is definitely some frustration there.

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