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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks: Week 16

The season is almost over

NFL: NOV 16 Vikings at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are almost to the end of the regular season, folks, and we’ve got another weekend full of football for your viewing pleasure. After that miserable performance we saw from our Minnesota Vikings yesterday, it’s time to start looking forward to the end of the regular season.

That will also mean the end of our picks for this season, but we still have a race to be decided between Eric and Warren that’s going to come right down to the wire. Here’s how the standings look right now:

  • Eric Thompson: 149-76 (11-5 last week, 1-0 this week)
  • Warren Ludford: 147-76 (11-5 last week, 1-0 this week)
  • Christopher Gates: 140-85 (11-5 last week, 1-0 this week)
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 132-79 (12-4 last week, 1-0 this week)

Everyone had a pretty solid week last week, and I’m happy. . .and sad. . .to say that we all nailed the results of yesterday’s game. We all also picked the “over” (which New Orleans covered by themselves), but Eric and I had the right picks against the spread, while Ed and Warren thought that the Vikings were going to cover the -7. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

With the Saturday tripleheader about ready to kick off, here’s what we’ve got for this week.

Here are the games that we disagree on for this week. There are half a dozen of them, and four of them are even splits between the four of us.

  • Colts at Steelers: Eric has Pittsburgh, everyone else has Indianapolis
  • Broncos at Chargers: SPLIT! Ed and Warren have Denver, Eric and Chris have Los Angeles
  • Panthers at Football Team: Eric has Carolina, everyone else has Washington
  • Eagles at Cowboys: SPLIT! Ed and Warren have Dallas, Eric and Chris have Philadelphia
  • Rams at Seahawks: SPLIT! Ed and Chris have Seattle, Eric and Warren have Los Angeles
  • Titans at Packers: SPLIT! Eric and Ed have Green Bay, Warren and Chris have Tennessee

Those are our picks for the penultimate week of the 2020 NFL regular season, folks. May your picks do as well as ours did last week.