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Daily Norseman NFL Staff Picks: Week 13

Getting down to the wire

NFL: International Series-London Views
You are getting sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. . .but don’t sleep on our picks!
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With the Thursday night game being moved for this week, we waited a bit longer to get our picks for Week 13 of NFL action out here on your favorite Minnesota Vikings’ website. But now is as good a time as any, so let’s get that knocked out here so I can get back to working on this paper I need to write.

It was a pretty damn good week all-around for our quartet of selectors, and we’ve even moved up into the top 5 of all the different organizations that are making picks through our friends at Tallysight!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty damn impressed with that. So, how did we do last week and what do the overall standings look like?

  • Eric Thompson: 117-60 (12-4 last week)
  • Warren Ludford: 112-63 (11-3 last week)
  • Christopher Gates: 111-66 (13-3 last week)
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 95-68 (11-4 last week)

Pretty damn solid week all-around for us. With that, here are our picks for this week. Ed’s picks will update once he gets them punched into the Frinkiac 3000.

We’ve got a few disagreements this week, so let’s run through those.

  • Saints at Falcons: Eric has Atlanta, everyone else has New Orleans
  • Rams at Cardinals: SPLIT! Ed and Chris have Arizona, Eric and Warren have Los Angeles
  • Giants at Seahawks: Ed has New York, everyone else has Seattle
  • Patriots at Chargers: SPLIT! Ed and Warren have New England, Eric and Chris have Los Angeles

All four of us have the Vikings beating the Jaguars, but there is some variance as to by how much. Chris and Eric are each taking the Vikings -10, while Warren and Ed both have the visiting team covering the spread. Ed has taken the “under” on his Over/Under of 51.5, while the rest of us are taking the “over,” which is either at 51 or 52 depending on when we got our picks in.

Those are our picks for Week 13 in the NFL, ladies and gentlemen! How are your picks going so far?