Minnesota Vikings Weekly Player Recap: Week 13 2020 (We beat the Jags!)

Dan Bailey was meh yesterday. - Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We beat the Jags and right now we are in the wildcard position. They are saying we have a tougher schedule remaining than the Cardinals. I am not so sure. Cardinals have Giants, Eagles, 49ers and Rams to finish the season. We have Tompa, Bears, Saints and Loins. Giants are playing very well, 49ers are too. A win against Tompa and we are really likely to get it. Tough game and we need everyone to play better. The Jags aren't as bad as they seem. They played tough the Packers and the Browns before us. The Browns stopped their 2 pt conversion last week or they would've been in OT. The Pack were losing in the 4th quarter and had to come back.


Kirk Cousins - 91 snaps (100%) 28/43 for 305 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT, 1 Fumble, QBR 25.7 Passer Rating 99.5. PFF 49.9 Kirk also had a nice 10 yard scramble for a first down. I actually thought it wasn't that bad of a game for Kirk. The fumble was a handoff where Cook weirdly reached out for the ball. The pick 6 was a screen where Cook didn't seem to know it was a screen play. Kirk mentioned he needs to be more clear in the huddle, but the OL seemed to know it was a screen pass. Kirk made a few nice throws downfield and appeared to be asking for more opportunities at one point. He took us down the field to get a decent shot at a winning FG (51 yards). The kicker didn't come through.

RBs - Not great this week

Dalvin Cook - 79 snaps (87%) 32 carries for 120 yards, 6 catches for 59 yards (9 targets). PFF 73.0 Cook was the cause of both turnovers (IMO!). I know some felt the screen was on Kirk, but I don't think it was. Dalvin got a lot of yards, but it was because we rode him hard and often. Davlin did make a few nice blocks in the passing game. He seemed off this week. I think we might be wearing him down. I hope he is rejuvenated for the Bucs. Maybe he needs a day off for rest.

C.J. Ham - 44 snaps (48%) 1 catch for a 12 yard TD Ham hasn't been as effective blocking as he was in the beginning of the year. There were several plays where the guy he was blocking made the tackle on Dalvin. It shows as Dalvin's longest run was 12 yards. Normally we get a nice block from the FB to spring Dalvin for a big chunk.

Ameer Abdullah - 4 snaps (4%) 2 runs for 11 yards and 1 catch for 18 (1 target) Abdullah has played well in extremely limited playing time. He had a big play two weeks ago and another nice 18 yard play against the Jags. I think we should see him play more as Mattison might be out for a few weeks.

Mike Boone - 2 snaps (2%) No action on the two snaps.

WRs -

Adam Thielen - 83 snaps (91%) 8 catches for 75 yards and 1 TD (11 targets) A nice game for Thielen. He didn't have the spectacular catch, but he is consistent and has great hands. He got us going early with a few plays. He had another 9 yard play that was exchanged for a 5 yard holding penalty. PFF 78.3 We are much better with him on the field and that is what you need out of any player. Thielen limped around a bit in the 4th quarter. I don't think it was anything big as he fought through it.

Justin Jefferson - 82 snaps (90%) 9 catches for 121 yards and 1 TD (12 targets) 1 run for 2 yards. PFF 72.5 Justin Jefferson is the most dangerous receiver we have on the field. He is quick and normally sure handed. He has the most receptions 20+ yards downfield in the NFL with 14 this year. That's right, more than DK or Tyreek. This dude is in the conversation for rookie of the year with the RB that was on the other side of the field James Robinson. I think JJ will run away with the award as Herbert is falling and Robinson is a good player on a terrible team.

Chad Beebe - 28 snaps (31%) 2 catches for 10 yards (3 targets) PFF 49.1 I was really hoping last week would spring Beebe into playing better. He didn't get a ton of opportunities, but it isn't like he is running wide open down the field either. He has been the dump off guy all year and that is what it seems he will continue to be.

Olabisi Johnson - 8 snaps (9%) No targets for Bisi after a nice game last week. We don't spread the ball around enough. The top two WRs are the only WRs we seem to look at.

TEs - Irv still out after hurting himself celebrating.

Kyle Rudolph - 64 snaps (70%) 0 catches (2 targets) Bad week for Rudy. He had a ball knocked out of his hands on one of those targets. The other was an overthrow after Dantzler's INT. We couldn't block anyone and had free rushers around the end on a regular basis. He didn't help that either. PFF 38.9

Tyler Conklin - 59 snaps (65%) 1 catch for 10 yards (1 target) He is what he is. A mediocre blocker and a slow route runner. We have very little to be excited about at TE with Irv out.

Brandon Dillon - 2 snaps (2%) Didn't really see him out there on offense.

OL - only two penalties this week on offense (holding on O'Neill and false start on Dozier) but we did give up 4 sacks and 6 total tackles for loss

Riley Reiff - 91 snaps (100%) PFF 81.4 is good enough for the best on offense for us this week. He was pretty, pretty, pretty good this week. It is no secret I like the way Reiff is playing and I think he is the best OL we have. The tackle on the other side isn't bad, but this old vet is still playing well. Everyone assumes we'll be letting Reiff go in the offseason. He might play his way into staying.

Dakota Dozier - 91 snaps (100%) Everything I said about Reiff, think the opposite. Dozier is young and playing like a nincompoop. PFF 30.6 is too high IMO. Dozier's season grade is 49.7 which puts him at 75th out of 83 OGs. Samia is 82nd. (Thanks to Eric Thompson for this tweet) I was hoping this week we would see Jones and Cleveland at OG since Jones played decently for two weeks in a row. Dozier is really bad and we refuse to put in anyone else because of continuity. I don't get the reasoning behind wanting to keep continuously bad play. He had the false start on the 2 yard line that made us go for the FG instead of running it in for a TD.

Garrett Bradbury - 91 snaps (100%) We gave up 6 tackles for loss (including 4 sacks). The middle of the OL was not good and that includes Bradbury. He also had a bad snap that Kirk was able to put between his legs and make a play. Bradbury is struggling a little bit here.

Ezra Cleveland - 91 snaps (100%) It's not that Cleveland is great, but he is mediocre. That makes him look like Randall McDaniel in comparison to the other OG. I like Cleveland a lot and he has a lot of room to grow. He was drafted as an OT, but we might have to keep him at OG.

Brian O'Neill - 91 snaps (100%) PFF 76.9 I was surprised this was as high as it was. Potato had a holding penalty that we were able to overcome with back to back nice passes to JJ and a TD pass to CJ Ham. He also gave up the sack on the first drive in OT. I thought he was good outside of those two plays, but the OT sack could've been huge if we were playing a better team.

DL -

Jalyn Holmes - 62 snaps (87%) It is sad we have to play Holmes so much this year. He does not deserve the playing time he gets. He had 1 QB hit this week. That was his only entry on the stat sheet with 62 snaps played. Team worst PFF 29.8.

Ifeadi Odenigbo - 53 snaps (75%) Much better play from Ideadi this week. PFF 85.8 reflected his efforts. Odenigbo was credited with the sack that got us the safety at the beginning of the 4th quarter. He also had 2 other QB hits and was the only DL that seemed to be getting pressure on a regular basis. He also had a tackle to stop the Jags short and get us the ball back at the end of the 1st half. Big play that we couldn't take advantage of.

Jaleel Johnson - 48 snaps (68%) Two tackle assists from tiny. He and Holmes are weak spots on our defense and we have to have better players waiting in the wings. PFF 37.3

Shamar Stephen - 40 snaps (56%) Same comments for Jaleel apply to Shamar. He had a tackle on the 1st drive and one in the middle of the 3rd quarter. They ran the ball 25 times and our DL were getting very few tackles.

Hercules Mata'afa - 27 snaps (38%) Hercules was ok this week in limited time. He split the 3rd down sack with Harrison Smith to force a punt on the Jags first drive in the 3rd quarter. They had been moving the ball pretty good there. He had a couple of other tackles and overall was decent.

Eddie Yarbrough - 23 snaps (32%) PFF 70.8 Eddie was in on the 2nd down stop on the goal line stand to keep it at 9-0 instead of allowing a 2nd early TD. I don't remember much else from him, but PFF liked his game.

Armon Watts - 19 snaps (27%) Nothing really accomplished in his 19 snaps. He split a tackle with Todd Davis.

LBs -

Eric Wilson - 71 snaps (100%) Wilson was all over the place making tackles. He was in on a pass defense and also helped get that 3 and out with Odenigbo at the end of the first half. Eric was solid this week. Nothing huge, just reliable on a young defense that was a mess around him.

Todd Davis - 71 snaps (100%) Davis had 11 total tackles they were 9, 4, 13, 4, 3, 3, 6, 6, 10, 9 and 15 yards downfield. If it seemed like they were getting first downs at ease, it is because they were. Their TEs had 10 catches for 86 yards on 12 targets. We were struggling to cover the TEs all day without Kendricks.

Troy Dye - 18 snaps (25%) Dye had 4 tackles. 3 of those were on the Jags' first FG drive. PFF 42.0 is his 3rd highest of the year. He is not good and Brailford played much better than him. Maybe we can see a replacement? However, our coaching staff values continuity over quality play. So we will likely continue on with Dye not playing well.

Jordan Brailford - 11 snaps (15%) PFF 98.6 It is almost impossible to get a grade that high from PFF. He only had 11 snaps, but he had the forced fumble and fumble recovery to get us the ball on the Jags 34. We then botched the snap at the 2, but it was still a big play for us. He also had the tackle at the goal line the play before the Jags scored the tying TD. Maybe he deserves a little more playing time?

DBs -

Anthony Harris - 71 snaps (100%) This is the Ant Harris we remember from last year. He had a really nice tackle for a loss to setup the safety on the next play. He also had a really nice pass defensed in OT that would've been a 12 yard completion to their TE. we got the interception 2 plays later because we kept it to 3rd and long. A couple of nice plays and solid play earned him his PFF 85.6

Harrison Smith - 71 snaps (100%) Another INT from the great Harrison Smith. It was in OT and gave us the ball at the Jacksonville 46. Otherwise it would've been a punt and we would've had to drive ~70 yards to get to where we were. 34 yard play is what I estimate there. He also split the sack with Hercules that forced the Jags punt on their opening 3rd quarter drive. He also had another pass defensed on 3rd and 1 to force a 3 and out after we punted late in the 2nd quarter. PFF 80.1

Cameron Dantzler - 71 snaps (100%) PFF 93.0 Dantzler had himself a game! He had a forced fumble and fumble recovery on Chris Conley and he had a INT when the Jags were driving on us already up 9-0. Dantzler kept us in the game with his INT. His fumble was the one where we were only up by 5 and got us into nice position to get up by 8. Without that the Jags might have drove for the winning score. Not only did he cause two turnovers, but he caused two turnovers in key spots. Oh, he also only have up 1 reception for 3 yards on 7 targets...those 3 yards given up were when he forced the fumble. Best CB play we've seen here since peak Xaiver Rhodes. It is one game, but it was one helluva game. Dantzler has played well since coming back from injury. I hope he can keep on improving.

Jeff Gladney - 47 snaps (66%) On the Jaguars first TD Gladney came on a blitz. He hesitated with a fake by Glennon and then hit Glennon as he threw. If he didn't hesitate that would've been a sack instead of a TD. That being said, it should have been an INT anyways. Gladney overall was decent. They were picking on Boyd and the LBs so he didn't have a ton of work. He did limp off with a calf injury at one point. I think he came back in, but I don't remember 100%. PFF 53.7 allowed 4 catches on 4 targets for 18 yards, however, had 3 missed tackles.

Kris Boyd - 35 snaps (49%) PFF 59.5 I thought Boyd was really really bad. He was picked on all day it seemed, but PFF only has him giving up 4 catches for 67 yards (5 targets). The Jags first TD went off of Boyd's hands on what should have been an easy pick. PFF didn't credit him with giving that up because it wasn't his man that ended up with the catch in the end zone. He had a 10 yard penalty on a punt return that backed us up to our 10. It was an illegal block on a touchback kick.

Harrison Hand - 21 snaps (31%) I don't remember seeing Hand in coverage a whole lot. He gave up a 22 yard pass to Chark on the tying drive. He also had another couple of run stops for small gains that I remember. He played more than expected because of the Gladney injury.

Chris Jones - 20 snaps (28%) Still in the dog house after not trying on that long Cowboys' run (I have to mention this because I can't mention Mattison not getting that 1 yard against Seattle). I remember him giving up a couple of short gains to Tyler Eifert, but not much else.

Josh Metellus - 2 snaps (3%) I didn't see him out there.

Our special teams were terrible again this week. We missed 2 PATs and the 51 yard FG to win in regulation. We also fumbled another punt, but recovered it. We got lucky on one punt that went 30 yards, but ended up rolling another 18. We also had a bad block on a punt that went into the end zone that put it at the 10 instead of the 20. Jacksonville also committed several penalties on our punts and overall the punt coverage was pretty good this week. KJ Osborn was our punt returner this week (@only@ one fumble).

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