Vote for the Nincompoop of the Week!

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Anytime we have an ugly game like we did against the Jags there are several players that didn't play well. It was suggested we have a nincompoop of the week in my player recap comment section. I propose to you these 5 nincompoops to vote on.

Dan Bailey - Why is Dan a nincompoop? 2 missed XPs and a missed 51 yard FG that would've likely won the game in regulation. This dude not only missed two XPs after only missing 1 all year, he hooked that game winning FG so far left I didn't wait for it to hit the ground before taking another sip of bourbon. Dan has been decent all year, but this week he almost cost us the game.

Kris Boyd - Why is Kris a nincompoop? Did you see Jacksonville's first TD? He had an easy INT that he let go through his hands and directly into the hands of Laviska Shenault. He also had a illegal block on a punt that went into the end zone for a touchback. Yeah, he was blocking for no one and backed us up to the 10.

Jalyn Holmes - Why is Jalyn a nincompoop? Jalyn had a team worst PFF grade of 29.8. It was so low because he played the most snaps on our DL and got 0 tackles and 0 tackle assists. He didn't even help make a tackle in 62 snaps. He did nothing while playing 87% of our defensive snaps.

Dakota Dozier - Why is Dakota a nincompoop? Dakota just sucks every single week. He miraculously didn't have a penalty until OT when he backed us up from the 1/2 yard line to the 5 1/2 yard line. Dozier is one of the worst guards in the league. PFF grade is 30.6 this week and for the season he is the 75th rated OG out of 83. (Samia is 82/83) He is the worst starter we have on the team.

Kirk Cousins - Why is Kirk a nincompoop? Another pick 6 and a fumble at the 2 both are questionable if they are on Kirk or Dalvin Cook. Our offense was not good the first half of this game. The Jaguars are not that tough. We had the ball up by 5 late in the game and punted. We got a turnover and only got 3 out of it to get the 8 point lead. We can never finish off teams and we were lucky this wasn't one that bit us in the rear. Kirk isn't our biggest issue on the team, but he might end up being the issue stops us in the playoffs.

Marwan Maalouf - Why is Marwan a nincompoop? Many of you might not know who Marwan is. He is our special teams coach. Have you seen our special teams? They have been terrible all year. We had a penalty on a punt that went into the end zone. We had 3 missed kicks. The Jaguars also played poorly on special teams, but this has been an issue with us for the past 6 weeks and really all year. We do not have an effective punt returner and we are poor in punt coverage. I know we have young guys back there, but it does not seem to be improving. I would not be surprised if Marwan is looking for a job after this season.

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